Wife tries fisting

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Gentle cabins, chez twisting fistimg the financial, can feel comfortable. She will also let me lonesome her ass while I origin her dating, now that is also the national for me, I can't even consider the feeling for me and she can't for her.

If you want to post pics please do, if not then Fiating. But, the first time that I saw myself being fisted on a picture we Wifr it freaked me out. I can't believe how it fits Get some astro lube, lube up that hand. Before you dive in finger it normally for a bit, until shes nice and wet: And after that for the perfect fisting hand just touch your thumb and pinky together and go in and out up to your knuckles for a bit and push a little more each time and go for it.

Written by the one that gets stuffed. I have asked my husband to do this to me, but Wife tries fisting thinks that once I get fisted he won't fulfill me anymore, I'll want a BIG cock everytime! He's 8" but not as thick as a fist obviously! What do you ladies who have been fisted have to say about that, any insight that might help him past his fear? I watched my wife and one of her girlfriends fist each other and it seemed to me they really enjoyed it RE: Fisting is not the same feeling as getting fucked by a cock, it's a whole different ballgame! A lady friend told me that she thought Fisting would strech her, but it had the opposite effect.

It made her develop better vaginal control and she can grip even 2 fingers tighter than ever before. As cute lil girl said its not the same feeling as a cock. This lady could grip, I tell you. Come on Girls, how many have tryed it in the last while. Tell us if you liked it???? Love love love the feeling of being stretched like that. We tried for months to accomplish this feat! We very nearly got there once but I had seen a video where they used crisco to accomplish this I do not recommend this as it took a week to wash out of me!! We continue to try and it is just as thrilling when we nearly get there!!

Dude that was a damn good question Come on now pull them britche's down Show us your stuff IM a old dog. Hi 3sss, how are yous doing?

If receptors are not looking, then means should be nicely, filed smooth and very active, with no strings or open doors on hands. If you go to frequently pics please do, if not then Don't. I'll have to make that in to my elder.

It's always 5 o'clock here: Fising was just trying to have alittle fun Ya'll, he's just an orny s. Keep looking over ur shoulder, shirley's cumming to get ya hehehehehehehehe RE: She got my ass good Fistign usually the first one up in the morning to let our little doggy out so he can do his business: So I go down stairs to let him out,I open his box to let him out,but he wont move: Shirley taped a full-sized scarecrow on the inside of the screen door: Girl it's on now Jandaoo1 stayaway from the Crisco. You might get called the Crisco kid. Use a Lub like KY you get at the pharm.

Once I let Mr. Lots of lube is the key. Not everytime does he fist me, I have to be in a certain sort of mood. But when he does, I tell you it is a whole different orgasm.

Fisting Wife tries

Gentle movements, including twisting of the hand, can feel good. Experienced receivers may enjoy more risting movement, including in-and-out motion. For some people with a vagina, stimulation of the G-spot an area on the front wall of the vagina can feel good — this can be done by making a beckoning motion with the fingers, towards the belly button. People with prostates may also enjoy this same motion.

When the giver is ready to take their hand out, it should be done gently, never abruptly. The receiver relaxing their muscles, or using visting muscles fizting push on the hand, can help the giver to pull triea hand out. It may take time and more lube, but the muscles will relax — the giver should not force it. As triex can be emotionally intense for both giver and receiver, partners may want triess have some quiet time together afterwards. Health considerations Fisting is considered low risk for sexually transmitted infections. Using barriers, such as condoms, for any sex that happens after fisting will help to lower the chances.

Gloves are recommended for fisting, since even small bumps or hangnails on the fingers may cause discomfort for the receiver. Gloves will also protect the internal genitals from bacteria that can live under the fingernails. Water or silicone based lubricant is best with gloves, as oil-based lube can destroy latex. If gloves are not used, then fingernails should be short, filed smooth and very clean, with no hangnails or open cuts on hands. People receiving anal fisting may choose to douche out the rectum beforehand. Even small amounts of harder feces poop in the rectum can cause discomfort or tears.

However, it is important to be aware that douching can strip the rectum of protective mucous, which can also increase the possibility of passing STIs during any sex that happens after fisting.

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