George bush is a fucking asshole

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The blood on George W Bush's hands will never dry. Don't glorify this man

Americans have always strove themselves upgrade when it came to that. Philip Jaunt was a new fresh, by all tags, who had almost half experience. The Diminutive Dream Downpayment Act was cast as life saver to emit 5.

Donald Trump is our child-king, slobbering over the country and embarrassing us all. He is parody made real, a lackey for rightwing billionaires everywhere. Especially not now as Bush, our 43rd president, rears his head from retirement to denounce his bombastic successor. Trump is a bully who permits prejudice and cruelty. His impulses are isolationist in nature. What is ironic here is that Bush will undoubtedly be elevated to the status of a pious, gray-haired warrior speaking out in defense of the republic he once led, a talisman of decency for DC amnesiacs.

He will be cheered as another brave Republican defying a president of his own party, his past rendered meaningless. There is a certain strain of conventional political wisdom exploited by the likes of Bush. It prizes optics over action, appearances over reality. Bush was a soft-spoken president, a nice enough seeming man, and typically politically correct. He didn't want to start a knockdown drag-out fight with Congress and the courts he couldn't win, so he issued an executive order freezing human embryonic stem cell research with government funds. The pro-choice side wasn't happy with it, but since it didn't stop women from getting abortions, they didn't fight it too hard.

Also, the political points he scored off of the ban was worth more to him politically than the benefits of stem cell research. Two potentially useful contributions, " No Child Left Behind " and immigration reformfailed because of lack of funding and lack of support, respectively. NCLB required schools to improve all student test scores by Let's face it, there is no way to accomplish this except by setting incredibly low standards. Even the GAO noted in a report that the use of multiple-choice tests has limited what goes on in schools. From the Wikipedia page: This keeps the cost of health care down.

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However, in the US we don't restrict how much money companies can make off you, so they fuck you up. Dennis Hastert and George W. Harriet Miers was the Bush administration's middle finger to that idea. He could have just nominated Alito or Sutton or Kavanaugh or Pryor or whoever else. He nominated Miers because he thought he could get away with putting his family lawyer on the Supreme Court. The whole affair stank of Karl Rove's greasy BO. Moreover, states like Mississiippi and Rhode Island would have even less infrastructure projects than they do. Perhaps most importantly, getting funding for local projects that were important to the community was a great way for incumbent Congressmen to show their worth.

He looked for all the world like an arrogant moron. Oddly enough, that hurts your image on the global stage. In the end, the U. Because hey, learning isn't that important, I mean look at our president, he can't pronounce "nuclear" but he does everything by instinct and faith. Reagan made being selfish and greedy fashionable so that, a generation later, we had the resurgence of Ayn Randthe Enron scandal courtesy of Bush's friend "Kenny Boy"[68] the failure of the financial system, and the rise of the Tea Party. A generation from now, it will be the rise of the Idiocracy. It started with the Bush administration's attack on education: Dumbing-down everything, firing teachersadvocating intelligent designrewriting textbooksand the like.

Levels of discourse have plummeted everywhere, from Reddit to Congress. Reagan made Bush possible. Bush made Trump inevitable. All in all, his end-of-term approval ratings were so low they fell down to numbers reminiscent of Richard Nixon after Watergate. Housing crash[ edit ] See the main article on this topic: Banking crisis In fact, almost everything his administration touched turned to custard. The American Dream Downpayment Act was crafted as laudable attempt to create 5.

Fucking asshole George bush a is

In realityit encouraged private lenders to reduce their lending standards like, for instance, not being too fussed about documentation of income and assetsthus triggering the boom in so-called "subprime" mortgages in the first decade of the 21st century. This worked fine, so long as interest rates stayed low so their debts didn't increaseeveryone kept their jobs, and house prices kept rising. As everyone knows, none of these things happened. It was clear the Bush administration with some allies in the Fed were trying to keep the economy propped up until after the election, as though they knew they were going to lose and wanted to be able to pin it on the Democrats.

Of course it all blew up too soon. It'll be fine, just lock up all the failing Austrian artists so the plot can't continue.

Disaster response[ edit ] See the main article on this topic: Hurricane Katrina The Bush family's indifference to the plight of Louisiana is a shameful moment in American history. Michael Brown was a family friend, by all accounts, who had almost zero experience. It also seemed like he got no coaching on how to be in front of cameras or deal with the pressure of a large-scale disaster. His studies led him to believe that it was important to focus on the judgment of history, rather than on contemporary criticism. The problem of course with this analogy is that Lincoln was facing the greatest threat America has ever faced to its existence, and Bush was facing Al-Qaeda.

This was in It was hardly classified intelligence: In any event, we were off to war. Bin Laden was reportedly stunned by the initial US incursion into Afghanistan. Before long, George bush is a fucking asshole American military had managed to kill or capture some two-thirds of the al-Qaida leadership, and Bin Laden was reportedly seriously wounded. The US George bush is a fucking asshole have ended it right then and there, but instead That gave al-Qaida time to disappear into Pakistan where they were essentially invulnerablewhere they regrouped and spread out like a franchise. Cheney would leak the intel to NYT via Judith Miller and then use her reporting to drum up public support to further pressure Bush admin into war.

In his book, Rumsfeld tries to make it look like he wasn't in on this, but five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq, even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks. Rumsfeld was also a signatory along with Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Libby to the statement of principles of Project for the New American Centurya Billy Kristol "think tank" which advocated for the military overthrow of Saddam before Bush became President. This is the group who opined that transforming America's defenses would require a "new Pearl Harbor" to justify those increased expenditures to the public.

That was in Note also that all three of these men were gone by the 2nd term, when Poppy came to the rescue and sent his man Robert Gates to try and salvage the fiasco. Every few days they'd raid some high school or veterinarian's office and proudly display the test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks they found as proof they'd busted a bio-warfare lab, only to withdraw the claim a few days later. It honestly wasn't difficult. Indeed, the French and Germans did; both got vilified by America for their efforts. Bush himself has said there were no WMDs and that Iraq was a mistake, why is Fox still trying to insist otherwise? By pretending the huge deficit created by that war during a period of massive tax cuts was worth it.

Constitution and the Geneva ConventionsBush authorized torture —or as they like to call it, systematic sleep deprivation and controlled drowning" enhanced interrogation. Since the release of his book, Amnesty International has been calling for his arrest every time he's left or attempted to leave the country, [] asserting it holds sufficient evidence that he had criminal knowledge of US torture. This caused him to cancel a trip to Geneva, Switzerland in February ; they repeated their demands on his trips to Canada in October and EthiopiaTanzaniaand Zambia in Decemberbut those countries were not so lucky. Perhaps in an ideal world someone would drag him and his buddies to The Hague before he pops his clogs.

And since the US has not ratified the Rome Statute it is almost certain they will not consider any case against him. The ICC has considered cases against signatories that have not ratified the Statute in the past eg. Sudanhowever, they were all guilty of ethnic genocide. We'll probably get some truth commission decades after the fact.

Interestingly, the lack of evidence or prima facie existence of a case to be answered for has not been cited as a reason against prosecution, leaving open a window if fuckimg US ever changes its mind on "only looking forwards, not backwards. During a surprise visit to Iraq inan angry Iraqi journalistMuntadhar al-Zaidi, hurled his size 10 shoes at him during a news conference, shouting, "This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog! Right after he did this, Maliki's men caught and tortured him with steel pipes and electric cables.

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