Kitchen suck

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Be fancy with a dollop of sour cream and some scallions. Make a thickener with 1 part suxk and 2 parts cold water in a separate bowl, add the slurry to the pot and stir to thicken. Try making a casserole. With all this in mind, along with the fact that for the past month in Houston, restaurants have reported a major dip in business.

Suck Kitchen

Photo by Ubon Embrace the Microwave Arts Did you know you can make chocolate lava cake in the microwave? Suxk month earlier I'd been having a conversation with a friend who also brought up the fact that he, second gasp, only paid for electricity, because he'd cancelled his gas years before, having never cooked a meal at home. It's always best to just go ahead and clean up right after cooking and eating a meal and get in the habit, because dirty dishes and trash attract pests. The Stouffer's star ship is now boarding.

And macaroni and cheese? If the thought of reading a book about cooking bores you to death, turning to the Internet can help avert disasters. Frito pie is easy when you make the chili in a Crock-Pot. This BBC guide to cooking basics is pretty handy, though. Many people may be sticking close to home to save money or because they're too guilty or tired to dine out.

Kithen of people are displaced, or living in hotels right now too. A great starting place for kitchen newbies is actually Martha Stewart's Cooking School. Millennials, for instance, reportedly like to cook; they're just not very good at it.

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