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Not long ago, the television and media management company, Nielsen, experienced such a situation when they sponsored a paid tweet campaign in an attempt to boost their business. This prevents you from potentially having the flag forced on you, or from having your account suspended. The boy, who was not represented by a lawyer, told District Judge Eddy Tham that he had to work on Wednesday night and asked the court to defer his short detention order. Uncheck that box, and the warning will be removed from your account.

If swearing is the cause, I would venture to guess the person in question was swearing AT someone, in a way that could be construed as bullying or violence. What you might notice throughout all of this is that the rules allow content that is not harmful to anyone, like video games or consensual sex, while banning content that is hurtful. Warren did not know it had happened to him until someone told him, and his speculation was that it was simple swearing that triggered the filter.

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If the content is static media, like an image or a gif, Twitter will mark the media as potentially sensitive. However, image-conscious companies are hesitant to sponsor ads that could potentially wind up next to a raunchy tweet, or on the account page of a porn star. Buffer Twitter has long had a sensitive content setting you can use for your profile. We love Twitter and have nearly 30, loyal followers on our verified account fightthenewdrug that shares the harms of pornography and fights for love. Twitter also gives you a warning. They were shocked to discover that many users encountered their ads featured next to pornographic accounts.

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