Vintage recording equipment

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Article: Vintage Recording Approaches for Modern DAWs

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With Vintagee in mind, I recommend that you take the following with great big handfuls of salt. The world of professional recording equipment manufacturing was born. Tape delay was well known by the s, and flanging and other tape based effects were in use by the s. At some point, other people in the audio community asked these pioneers to build equipment for their studios.

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Most historical knowledge is passed on verbally and may be distorted along the equipmwnt. First of all, you should actually play as many of the parts as you can, and on real instruments. This involves "sub-mixing" the drums, bass and rhythm guitar from tracks over to track 4. The key with the gear is to think about the type of studio you're trying to emulate. For many working in recording today, vintage equipment helps them to realize their goals. Articles are no replacement for experience. They built their own equipment, from consoles to compressors to equalizers, etc.

Recording equipment Vintage

Speaking of your DAW, as much as possible, turn off your computer monitor and listen instead! Does it sound flat? If you record drums on track 1, bass on track 2 and rhythm guitars on track 3, but still need more "space" to record lead guitar, vocals and keyboards, you can "ping pong" or bounce the rhythm tracks down to create more room. When it feels right and sounds right, you're done.

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