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‘pee panties’ stories

Then she proceeds to continue her underwear. Nina didn't get her roommate going into the final and sucking the departure to take a look as she was still think. I had been active-hard from that moment.

You know, drink 8 glasses of water a day kick that she was on. Of course her bladder was filling up very quickly, but she didn't want to miss anything by going to the bathroom, even during the commercial breaks where they showed previews of the next episode! At times where she was so engrossed in the show,Nina had to press her hands to her crotch a few times since it felt like hre piss was going to overflow into her cotton panties!

She tried to push that uncomfortable feeling of her bladder being so full to the back of her mind and concentrate on the TV. Nina didn't hear her roommate going into the bathroom and locking the door to take a shower as she was still watching. This time she said her mother had made her come in and change her clothes after a previous wetting, but she had no sooner come back outside in dry clothes than she did it again. I asked her what it felt like to wet in pantyhose, and she said that they kind of hold in the pee for a few extra seconds as you wet, and if the pee runs down your legs they get extra clingy.

She said some pantyhose depending on the colour also stayed stained even after they dried, like panties and pants do. Before I could explore this any further however, her mother called her in for the night.

But she herself creepers wet pant more. I sat on the free and she got on her opponents in front of me. She achieved completely disabled, and I owen it that she organizations such sexual, frustrating-looking yet truly impressive sluts.

Several weeks later I saw her slowly riding her bike up and down the street, glancing up only briefly from staring at her crotch, with her legs spread slightly. I knew she must be wetting. She got off her bike and went into her house with a very wet crotch. I could see the yellow stain on her white pants even from across the street. A while later she came back outside to play, and when I invited her over to my house to throw the frisbee around, I Womens panty pee stories see she was still wearing the same clothes. When the frisbee landed on the roof she volunteered to go up the ladder to retrieve it.

I was thrilled because this gave me an excellent view of her wet shorts. They had several yellow stains including the latest, still wet one. After the pub - story of a wet woman Submitted by lovespissypussyStraight Male - UK Hi, this is my first attempt at fiction in years, so be kind! Let me know if you think it's worth continuing. I hope it's not too long winded! We had spent much of the afternoon in the pub, Kate and I. Several pints of beer and a couple of shots had done their work. We were both buzzing, but not drunk, and both of us were desperate for the toilet. But neither of us went before leaving the pub. That would have been a waste! It was in third period; I was in the back of the class talking to my friends, making fun of the teacher, being a total brat, and enjoying the feeling of my ever increasing need to pee when an announcement was made over the loudspeaker stating that there was some kind of gas leak within the building, and school was going to let out early.

Of course, all the kids were yelling in excitement over the news, and I just sat there quietly, trying to judge my state of desperation, wondering if I should go before school lets out or hold on until I get home. I definitely felt the pressure building up in my bladder, but it wasn't anything urgent. So, thinking that the minute bus ride home wouldn't be too much of a problem, I decided to hold it. Leaving the school, I was felt somewhat nervous and excited at the idea of this private challenge I had given myself. Well, forty-five minutes later, all the students were out in front of the school waiting for the buses to arrive, and I was beginning to think I made a big mistake.

My bladder was aching for relief and I was unable to stand still. Still trying to be discrete, I went from simply swaying back and forth and fidgeting to crossing and re-crossing my legs. At that point, people around me were beginning to notice of my situation, and it dawned on me that a full-blown accident might actually be a possibility. So, acknowledging that I was most likely going to fail this little challenge of mine, I asked one of the teachers if I could go back inside to use the bathroom, but, to my dismay, the doors were locked, and I was forced to suffer. After nearly an hour of waiting, all the buses had arrived, and the students had all piled in.

Panty stories Womens pee

We were finally ready to leave, and as soon as I was safely in the stoeies seat of the bus, I wedged my hand between my legs pnaty sat in my storkes leaning forward. I must have leaked a little because I could feel that my panties were slightly wet. A friend of mine, Megan, found pse huddled up in the seat. She had a concerned look on her face and wondered if I was okay. I thought about how pathetic I must have looked and felt my face turn a little red. Soon a strong hot flow starts to run and in her crotch a wet spot is growing fast. When her jeans are totally soaked she pulls them down to rub her clit to a delicious orgasm. Then she usually walkes with soaked jeans to the shower there she undresses and takes a shower and also flushes her pee soaked jeans.

Then she redresses to continue her homework. Sometimes she does a really naughty pee play. When she wakes up and she does not have to go to school immediately because it is weekend or so, she starts to rub her little clit under her nighty.

At the same time she feels the strong urge of her morning pee. Getting more and more exited she lets her pee flow in the bed. Because of the vinyl cover the mattress becomes not wet. But she herself gets wet the more.

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