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Her position joseh working with local, jsoeph, and national organizations and agencies to effect positive changes for the arts. She has a B. She been in business for 15 years and employs 8 stylists, 1 nail technician and 2 receptionists. He is the athlete that is mom never was. Currently, Lee holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. He has responsibilities over newspapers in St. Joseph Missouri and the Kansas City Region. Those newspapers include The St. Lee has a background in many different areas of newspaper operations. Lee began his newspaper career at Sentinel Newspapers in suburban Denver.

Lee is a member of the Inland Press Association Board. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska. He is a past chairman of the St. Since John came to St. Joseph, Missouri joosephhe has been an active member of the downtown and preservation community. Joseph Banker for 40 years. Ron is married to Linda and has two children and three grandchildren. They are members of the Cathedral of St. Other affiliations include the St. Rhabecca Boerkircher, Executive Director has been involved in downtown development for over seventeen years. Her professional background prior to downtown development included sales, marketing and public relations.

During her tenure, two strategic plans have been completed for downtown, several buildings have been rehabilitated and new businesses have been established. She is the proud mother of two grown children and a granddaughter.

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Sertoman of the year local and district, Russell Hill Award Boy ScoutsRotary service above self award, United Way outstanding volunteer award, Dinner of Champions Hope award, Chamber of Commerce economic development volunteer award. Sam Walton small business leader award. Joseph and the St. Joseph School District to foster the arts in St. Her position includes working with local, state, and national organizations and agencies to effect positive changes for the arts. She has a B. She been in business for 15 years and employs 8 stylists, 1 nail technician and 2 receptionists.

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Niedringhaus Investment Company, Mo. Absent fraud a court will josepph substitute uoseph judgment as to whether the acts of the corporation joeeph good business policy. Juvenile Shoe Corporation, Mo. Joseeph state their first point as follows: Joaeph may be summarized in the following manner. Under the order of the federal market administrator, defendant must pay its producers a specified price. At times Sh milk is brought in by the producers on the local market than can be handled by the local market. This means that some of that milk must be dumped as a total loss or must be sold elsewhere.

When it is sold elsewhere, it is sold at a lower price. In Sg words, it is sold at a price less than that which asw defendant must pay the producer. It is at this point that the "re-blending fund" comes in, and it was established SSt take care of this precise situation and to make it possible for all producers ko be paid the same price so that no one producer would suffer a hardship joselh. The testimony of Mr. Dixon relative to this jlseph is as follows: Do you have a fund called the re-blending fund? Yes, there is ase re-blending fund.

Would you explain the re-blending fund? That re-blending fund is set aside to move the milk out of ko market at times when we have too much milk and from the price as quoted to us by the market administrator a re-blending fund is determined if necessary to move that milk to a market where it is saleable. In other words, if your members are producing too much milk for the amount needed by the handlers here on the St. Joseph market, then you take it to a different area and sell it, is that right? And the cost of transporting the milk to this different area comes out of this re-blending fund?

Paragraph 6 of the membership contract specifically says that the Board of Directors may prescribe rules and regulations relative to the production and handling, testing, delivering, hauling zones and charges for services of others in the marketing of milk or dairy products produced by members and the member agrees to be bound by and comply with such rules and regulations. It further says that the Board of Directors shall have the right to adopt and enter into with others from time to time a marketing plan or plans for the marketing of milk or dairy products of member and other members of the association containing such provisions in relation to the production of milk or dairy products or the proceeds of the sale thereof, or equalizing cost of different distributors or price to different producers, or providing through variations in price incentives to producers to maintain a steady supply to meet market demands.

It is further provided that the directors can do whatever is usual or customary in such marketing plans as may be deemed advisable by the Board, and the member agrees faithfully and punctually to comply with such plans. Section 3 of Article I of the By-Laws, says that the corporation is formed to promote the general welfare of its members and the business of dairying and to have and to exercise all the powers necessary and proper to carry into effect the purposes for which the corporation is formed and to do any and all things incident to the above purposes. Section I of Article 4 of the By-Laws states that the corporate powers of the association shall be exercised and its business managed by the Board of Directors.

This re-blending was for the benefit of all the producers and was neither fraudulent, illegal nor oppressive. The trial court was correct in its finding that: No complaint was made by any of the plaintiffs to this action of the Board of Directors until the institution of this suit. First they complain that a proposal was voted on and passed by the membership directing that reports be furnished to each member concerning the action of the Board of Directors at each meeting.

They admit that this was done for a limited time, but was stopped, and no such reports have subsequently been furnished. The testimony concerning this matter shows that at an annual membership meeting a motion was passed that such reports be sent members. This was not a board meeting and at a regular board meeting the board directed that for the coming year these reports be sent out. Apparently no one was particularly interested and the practice was discontinued. No requests for these reports were made by any of the members thereafter. The complaint is wholly without merit. Plaintiffs next argument under the same heading is that the directors have not followed the By-Laws, in that they did not cause to be compiled each month a full and accurate statement of the business and conditions of the association, etc.

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