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F2 — The second offspring generation. Each of these, however, requires low-cost equipment which can be easily purchased. If resourceful, one can use the CO2 emitted from Alka-Seltzer tablets to anesthetize flies for short periods of time. If the media is not completed hydrated, production of vigorous cultures is compromised.

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In addition, it is the only method which will not affect virgn neurology, therefore behavior studies may begin after the flies have warmed up sufficiently. With a little practice, by looking at the abdomen students will become proficient in accurately sexing flies. The coloration is similar to virgin females however the genitalia are distinctly different. The least harmful to the flies is either carbon dioxide or cooling anesthetizing. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore early collections will ensure the greatest number of virgins for experimentation.

The Morgue This is an unfortunate necessity when using flies. Mating occurs quickly and the behavior is interesting to watch, but will not be addressed here. Add water until media appears completely moistened. Simply place the flies back into the culture vial when finished.

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There are a variety of types of food available for the flies; some require cooking and others are bought already prepared virgln dehydrated. Firgin remain virgins for only hours after eclosure and must be collected within this time frame. F1 — Filial generation, or offspring generation. Visually inspect surface of food to ensure complete removal of flies. Virgin female showing the meconium arrow. Include are ether, commercial brands such as Flynap, carbon dioxide, and cooling.

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