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Any departure close to the back outlet unit must have with the requirements of BS Make for rewirable and non-rewirable 13A flayed plugs. Low-cost initial meetings often referred with only one MOV bulk between the statewide and foiled wires.

The fuse must be replaced if the power strip is overloaded, powef the fuse to operate. In the UK, power strips are required to be protected by the fuse in the BS plug. Surge suppression is usually provided by one or more metal-oxide varistors MOVswhich are inexpensive two-terminal semiconductors. Some power strips have "protection status" lights which are designed to turn off if protective MOVs connected to the live wire have failed, but such simple circuits cannot detect all failure modes such as failure of a MOV connected between neutral and ground.

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Domestic power safety Multiple power strips and AC adapters Electrical overloading can be a problem with any sort of sttip distribution adapter. However, there can be problems detecting standby power in appliances that use more power in standby mode such as plasma televisions as they will always appear to the power strip to be switched on. Therefore, it is recommended not to connect a surge-protected power strip to a UPS, [8] but instead to rely solely on surge protection provided by the UPS itself. The surge-induced triggering of MOVs can cause damage to an upstream device, such as an uninterruptible power supply UPSwhich typically sees an overload condition while the surge is being suppressed.

Likewise, power strips with syrip surge suppression circuits can demonstrate compliance with the LVD by complying with the requirements of EN pwoer The regulation requires all socket outlet units to comply with the requirements of BS Specification for Cotds switched and unswitched socket-outlets and with the requirements of BS Specification for General requirements for electrical accessories. It should be borne in mind that this voltage specification is RMSnot peak, and also that it is only a nominal approximate value. Sockets and socket outlets do not require independent approval under the regulations. Remote control strips are used in data centersto allow computer systems or other devices to be remotely restarted, often over the Internet although this leaves them vulnerable to outside attacks.

Strip Cords power power

Various designs address this problem, some by simply increasing the spacing between outlets. Mains electrical power circuits are generally grounded earthedso there will be a live hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. US regulations[ edit ] US power strip with switch Underwriters Laboratories standard contains requirements for relocatable power taps. Any plug fitted to the socket outlet unit must comply with the requirements of BS Specification for rewirable and non-rewirable 13A fused plugs.

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