Can amateur radio interfer with hdtv

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Resolving reception issues from amateur & CB radio | ACMA

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As far as "illegal" power is concerned This is even spelled out in Part 97 amateur regs.

Even working satellites require only a few watts. On the other extreme, working moonbounce is another story altogether. If the amateur is not cooperating, you hdhv take further steps. They should be able to hook you up with someone to help. The FCC can help by imposing restrictions on him if nothing can be accomplished otherwise. If the times you want him quiet is during traffic and emergency nets, he should be even more interested in mitigating the problem. Just like first responders, we have to practice our skills too. Good luck to the both of you.

With hdtv interfer Can amateur radio

niterfer I see you have a big antenna. I bet you are good with electronics. I have this weird problem with my internet, and the ISP says it might be something in the neighborhood. Do you have problems with your internet?

Oh - and do you like cookies? I'm having inteefer with my internet, and my provider is trying to pass it off on your antenna. Could you help me prove them wrong? And did you find a remedy like filtering? This is rectification somewhere.

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If you tuneyou should be zero beat with the carrier. That would be the real frequency. This cannot be caused in a typical TV amplifier because the have high pass input systems that reject things much below 50 MHz. It has to be rectified in something that responds well to kHz. Since you messed with the antenna and it went away, it could be a bad connection in the antenna.

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