Adult ox costume

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Ox costume Adult

I made the decision to just order a blue body suit off eBay and cross my fingers that it fit, while also hoping its delivered in time. The next day I hit the stores looking for anything I could use as Ox Horns. Hot glued them to a sturdy head band and spray-painted them blue, using the leftover paint from our wedding in August. While I was at Walmart, I found matching blue faux Fur leg warmers, cuffs and a tail. My husbands costume was so easy. He already had the jeans, hat and suspenders.

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All he needed was a flannel shirt and an axe from party city. I was determined to be all blue from Ault to toe. At this point costtume was the night before the party! My bodysuit had arrived and to my surprise, it fit like a glove. So one more trip to party city we went, to get the cheapest blue wig on the rack which was the perfect match to all my blues. Now, all that was left was figuring out how to do face makeup that would resemble an Ox. The night of the party was finally upon us. If I do say so myself.

While we were at the party we had many people come up and comment on how great we looked. Costjme Handmade Costumes has a fun Holstein cow costume tutorial. If you costum a baby you want to dress up as a cow, this baby cow costume with udders is stinking adorable! This brown cow costume uses a matching set of sweats and turned out really well! Here is a very simple donkey costume that your child can throw over themselves as they crawl on all fours. Lamb and Sheep nativity costumes While not an entire costume, this paper plate sheep mask from Kids Craft Room is cheap and easy to make yourself and just have your child wear white and you could be ready to go!

A cute lamb costume for a kid, this DIY lamb costume based on a pattern is super cute and warm looking! Martha Stewart even sports her own homemade lamb costume tutorialcomplete with adorable hat. Ehow has a tutorial on how to make costume sheep ears using a headband.

Nativity Star Costume This no-sew star costume is easy to make and really cute! God bless you in your nativity scene performances! May the Spirit of its message be felt by all, no matter how well made the costumes may or may not be.

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