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The connection between the prefrontal cortex, the "executive control" part of the brain, warch the reward circuitry was weaker the more porn the users watched -- a risk for impaired decision making. These three findings normally show up in addicts.

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Reduced grey matter is associated with needing greater stimulation to achieve the same effect, which was confirmed in finding no. A soon-to-be-published Cambridge University study onlin last year found that brains of compulsive porn users react to cues much like alcoholics and drug addicts. In short, porn users could have a problem on their hands, or, more specifically, in their brains. And if all that isn't enough to raise concerns, there have been over 60 recent brain-scan studies on Internet and video-game addicts showing some of the same worrying brain changes seen in substance addicts. In a couple of those studies, researchers tracked what happened after the addicts quit and found evidence that the changes had begun to reverse themselves.

Watvh is evidence that Internet overuse ti indeed the cause of the problems. If surfing the Internet can have a negative impact on brains, surely it isn't a stretch to think that clicking from porno to porno on the Internet can do the same thing. All this brain research might help explain a new problem increasingly being reported by sexual-health experts and young porn users. You might find this hard to believe, but many young porn users are finding erections difficult to achieve -- with a real partner or without porn. Developing Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction Recently, a popular news show in Canada covered a new men's sexual-health issue: Abraham Morganthaler, the director of Men's Health Boston and an associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, was featured on the show.

Now we have it where everybody's got a computer or even a smartphone and you're on the Internet; you can see whatever you want.

I think that the concern is what porn has figured out is what really works for the brain of the guys. It's the maximum stimulus. When asked how prevalent porn-induced ED is, Dr. We did a study in conjunction with the series with Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute: The parents have no idea what their kids are doing. They were wrong about all of it. The average age of watching your first porn is How to Talk to Your Kids About Porn The episode also points out that the proliferation of free porn on the Internet means that filmmakers have less funding.

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Holly and [her mother Suze, the first on-staff female photographer ;orn Playboy] told me that there was more money to go around before the Internet. ;orn another episode, a male porn actor is asked to mimic violent acts. The male actor says later in an interview that he and other black men in porn are often asked to pretend wathc be violent, especially when acting with white women. He oonline porn is the last industry in which Yooung can discriminate based on race. That revelation was rather upsetting. If that kind of racism [like typecasting black actors] was happening in Hollywood, oh you best believe that there would be a public outcry. Roy Rochlin—FilmMagic A lot of the episodes touch on the issue of privacy.

Do you think control over your Internet footprint is an illusion? I think millennials are more comfortable with that tension. Until the two things come crashing into each other, as they do in the last episode. That episode is about Marina Lonina, the teenager who filmed her friend being raped on the app Periscope and has to serve time in prison because of it. A few are claiming that their images were used in the series without their permission. My interest and expertise are more on the creative side. I was not that involved in the legal vetting of the show. I fully understand the shock and frustration they must have.

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