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Practically my projector comparison was out for tour except the day part. How much I order my entire swapped me with Rohit slow!.

You see, he was a bit conservative in college. And also a bit shy. But nowadays he is not conservative, let me assure you. You can say that he has become a pervert of some sort. But seriously, what did Sanjay do? Did he go in and fuck her? We both egged him on. Told him that this is the best chance. Upar se paisa bhi wasool. Being shy he wanted us also to go in with him. So we took him inside. And there she was. This beautiful woman, lying on the bed, completely naked, sweaty, fucked and randy, with her legs spread, waiting for her third man of the day. And Sanjay stood near the edge of the cot and kept staring at her.

Jaldi apna lund nikaal aur daal andar! What a brave girl? Everyone at the table was now enjoying the dirty talk without any embarrassment. Sanjay obeyed her like a school boy listening to a schoolmaster. He immediately stripped down, his dick was already hard, and he started fucking her. So how was the feeling? The idea of fucking a woman who was earlier fucked by your friends? Actually, it was quite arousing. You are such a pervert! Sahana went about hitting Rohit playfully. So how long did Sanjay stay in there? No, he has improved too. Practice makes a man perfect. To that we all cheered and did a bottoms up. We all used to joke about how it would be if we all had only one wife.

You guys are such perverts. Looks like you girls married 3 perverts. Sahana immediately jabbed her husband Rohit, while Pooja gave a serious look at Manoj. Is that the reason why he keeps asking me to reveal and expose? That was when we were young and foolish. Now we are mature! With that we got into the party mood. Sahana immediately started to talk very nice with Manoj, while Pooja was blatantly hitting on Rohit. Sahana blushed a lot upon receiving this compliment. Pooja was literally fuming at that time. Rohit immediately said that Pooja was quite sexy as well, and that she may become top actress in Bollywood, like Deepika Padukone.

With so much compliments flowing around during conversation, but all directed at these other two women, I was feeling insecure. They think I am not sexy just because I am not wearing skimpy clothes? May be Rohit sensed this in me. He immediately started talking about me. Bhabhi, Sahana and Pooja may be sexy and perky, but you exude certain sensuality, from your looks and the way you carry yourself. Arre bhai Rohit, Priyanka can actually dress up well, and when she does, she looks like a sex bomb! Why is that Bhabhi? I think you should dress up, and you will be as sexy as Pooja.

Definitely it was a condescending remark! I am pretty sure that if she wears some modern clothes, she can be far more sexy than any of us here on the table. Let me know show you the picture. Without asking for my permission, Sanjay took his smartphone and opened the pictures of me when I wore the deep t-shirt and tight low rise jeans to the office and handed it over to his friends. Bhabhi, you are extremely sexy in this picture. You are looking like Priyanka Chopra. But with much bigger and sexier rack. Let me look at it… looking into the phone.

Look at her figure, Pooja, she is so sexy. She is looking like a slut. The cleavage is so deep — her boobs can be seen, and look how low her pants are, one can practically see her cunt lips. She deliberately wants to hurt me! Sahana picked up the phone to look at the pictures. Priyanka, you look amazing. If you models wear same dresses you call it stylish. Priyanka looks so sexy in these pictures. I would say that these are quite bold. Priyanka, you must have been a sensation in your office, right? I had to hit Sanjay straight on his shoulder to make him come to senses. Must have been gallons of sperm then!

Priyanka, you wonderful slut. Why are you hiding your assets? You should be proud to display them. Bhabhi, I think you should wear something like this in Goa too. This is the right place for revealing dresses. I have been telling you! This is the best place to experiment and be bold. Everyone comforted and encouraged me, except that bitch Pooja! May be, who knows, I will really surprise all these guys! Next day morning, six of us met at a German breakfast place and then headed towards the Baga beach. All the girls were wearing loose t-shirts and shorts.

Upon reaching the beach, the boys immediately stripped down to their shorts and flung themselves into the water leaving us behind. We noticed that Manoj was wearing a skimpy thong. Unlike other men, he was exposing his butt, which bought giggles from us Sahana and I. Firmer the butt, you know that firmer they are up front! And indeed, when Manoj turned around, we all saw that he was sporting a big package of meat in the thong - his bulge was quite prominent. Yes, you are right, Pooja, your boyfriend is definitely firm on the front! May be, you can help him get it firmer, what do you say?

She took off her shirt and the short to reveal her a teeny bikini top and a small bottom. Pooja was indeed a sexy model, thin, but with nice assets, and she resemble Deepika Padukone. Her navel was pierced and she was wearing a nice navel pendant. I remained in longer shorts and t-shirt. I confessed that it was my first time to a beach and that I was not sure if people wore bikinis on an Indian beach. Both the girls laughed and Sahana offered herself to go with me to buy me a bikini right away. Am I going to wear a bikini in public?

I was not sure! Leaving Pooja in that tiny bikini to the lecherous men who were feasting on her sexy figure, Sahana and I went off to buy a bikini. Arre yaar, did you see the size of his lund? It is so thick and long. That bitch Pooja is so lucky. And it is so unfair. Hmmm… yeah I saw his bulge. Indeed it is a big one. It is not just big. It is a monster.

Stories on beach bet Sex nude

Before the end of the trip I am going to taste it! But Sahana, you are married! How can you do that? Tu kitni oldish hai. Kya zindagi bar daal khaate baitenge? Even you should try it. It will spice up your sex life. Even I was getting dirty thoughts about that big monster of Manoj! Would I fuck another man? Sahana selected couple of bikinis, some really small ones. Though I protested at wearing such small stuff, Sahana forced me to try them on. She pushed me into the changing room so that I could wear one of them. I took off my shorts and t-shirt.

Then I removed my panties and bra. These bikinis were revealing more than what they were hiding. Practically my entire boob was out for display except the nipple part. And the bottom barely covered my larger sized pussy lips. And the back was a thong which exposed my ass completely. Sahana kept banging on my trial room door asking me to come out and show her how it looks. Timidly I stepped out, and when Sahana saw me, even she was surprised to see my voluptuousness oozing out of the small fabric. Practically I was standing naked. My big and roundish breasts were spilling out while my bottom was low rise showing all of my lower abdomen. Priyanka, you have such wide and deep navel, it looks like a dark cave.

It is so suggestive. I need to watch out for you. Those hungry men on the beach could rape you. Aisa kuch nahi hain! As if revealing my navel was biggest concern! Because that dick is going to be mine! It is showing off everything. You have seen what Pooja was wearing? And look at the Sex stories nude on beach bet she is receiving from our men? In this bikini, I tell you, all the men will stop chasing Pooja and start drooling over you. But this bottom, it completely exposes by ass. How can I walk in public like this? Priyanka, Sex stories nude on beach bet are in Goa now. All this goes here.

You will love the feeling, believe me! In fact, I do! That day when I wore a thong to office, I was feeling sultry and horny throughout the day. It was such a great feeling! Fine, but even you have to wear a similar thong! Absolutely, look what I have already selected. They are smaller than yours. Let me get into the changing room and come back. When Sahana came out she was looking absolutely raunchy. Her big bottom was looking so salacious. I can guarantee you one thing. Ye huyi na baat! That dick of Manoj is waiting for a job from my sweet lips. He will have to spill every drop out from his nuts. And I am not going to miss out on a single drop of that nectar. Laughing at the ribald jokes, we both left the store to walk towards the beach.

I would love to see it if she does! Meanwhile at the beach, the three men were completely enjoying the sultry Pooja, who was strutting around in her small bikini. Her slim figure, long legs, narrow waist, and smallish breasts were keeping our men interested and engaged. My husband brought along his camera and was taking loads of pictures of Pooja who went about posing for him. By the time we joined, Pooja was acting quite lecherously falling over her boyfriend Manoj and rolling over the beach, while posing for the pictures. When the men saw me in a sexy bikini, all the men start to shower compliments.

They called me sexy, beautiful and really bold. For a while, I was the center of attention, and Pooja was not. I feel so good now! It makes a woman happy! Sanjay came close to me, hugged me, and whispered. Baby, you are looking damn hot. Hotter than anything you wore so far. Your breasts are completely naked, and so is your ass. I am so proud of you. I want you to be sexy for everyone here. I want the world to see you in full glory and admire my wife. I brought him close to me and kissed him, right in front of everyone.

May be, this was the first time we ever kissed in public. Sanjay moved his hand towards my naked bum and started to caress them. Rohit whistled and said that we should get a room right away. With that we broke our embrace and joined others. Bhabhi you are very hot. This bikini suits you very well. Glad that you are also wearing a bikini. Your thong is really beautiful. Thanks Manoj and Rohit. You are so kind. Manoj even adjusted his penis while talking to me. Rohit took the camera and asked me to pose for him. I started to show off my breasts, jutting out my ass. Never thought I would pose in a small bikini in public to another man. And never thought that I would be loving it!

Meanwhile, Sahana made a gesture to Rohit that she was not very happy with the whole situation wherein the men were playing with Pooja. May be she was feeling a bit insecure because the men started to focus on me now. Rohit got the message, and immediately asked Sanjay if he wanted to get another beer. So they both left the waves, towards the shacks. Pooja was only emboldened when the other two men left. She could now make us extremely jealous through her antics. Sahana and I looked at the bulge with wide eyes without any usual shyness that is characteristic of Indian wives.

In order to avoid embarrassment, Manoj turned around, away from us, towards the sea, and started adjusting his cock. Pooja would not leave him even then. She went behind his back and started to massage his bare bum cheeks. Her actions were lewd and were looking straight out of a porn movie. Manoj adjusted his dick in such a way that it was now going around his waist like a belt on one side of his waist, inside the thong. When he turned back, we could see the bulge curling around his waist. Sahana and I noticed how big his dick was - like a thick German Sausage wrapped inside his thong around the waist.

Even though we were two Indian wives we made no attempt hide our jealousy for the luckiest bitch, Pooja, who may be getting fucked by that thick sausage on a daily basis. She started to kiss Manoj right in front of us, rubbing his hairless and well-chiseled chest and broad shoulders. To put on an erotic show to make the lecherous Indian wives more jealous, Pooja even kissed his chest and nipples. We were in for a surprise — we got what they wanted - a chance to look at the glorious dick which was really thick, long and hard. His gorgeous dick was still palpitating while Pooja was giving him a French kiss.

What a glorious dick it is! I envy Pooja so much! Instead of alerting Manoj of this wardrobe malfunction, she just started tugging at his thick dick, holding it in her hand and masturbating it.

Hmmm… yes I saw his haircut. I thought she was confused to feel him in disgust but to my sofa she broke closed her eyes and gave. Sanjay and I were able.

It must be as thick as a coke can! This from Pooja action suddenly made Manoj realize the state of his dick, and he wanted to free himself from Pooja to avoid embarrassment in front of two Indian housewives. But Pooja would not give him up. She kept on kissing him and holding him close to her. In that physical movement, they both lost their balance and fell into the water. In that struggle to find balance and to get up, they both swirled around in the sea waves. Without losing any opportunity, Pooja, the seductress, just grabbed onto his thong, which came off his body and onto his knees. Acting as if she was also trying to find balance, Pooja just pulled off his thong entirely off of him and let it go free in water.

In those sea waves, the thong was lost, leaving Manoj as naked as he was on the day he was born. When Manoj stood up he realized that he was completely naked, with his proud dick was standing up straight, and pulsating ominously. It was too big even for his two fists. Sahana and I were spellbound. We had never seen such a gorgeous cock ever in our lives. It was a monster! It had a life of its own. Though he was a handsome man, Manoj was not a very big man. He had a well-toned abdomen and chest. Whereas his dick Sex stories nude on beach bet superhuman, really big, thick, with lot of veins going around it, and a bulbous head - almost looked twice the size of shaft.

And his balls were huge nut sacks as if they were carrying large cricket balls. And while his body was a bit fair, for some reason, his cock and his balls were dark in color. When I looked at Sahana, she was licking her lips, which Manoj did not fail to notice. With Sahana and I looking at his big dick as if we were hungry kitten smacking for milk, Manoj started to lose his embarrassment. In a suddenly found courage, he just took his hands off his dick and put them over his hips, standing proud and displaying his dick which was curved upwards like a flagpole. Could you please go get a towel or something for Manoj? We immediately left the Sex stories nude on beach bet couple and Sex stories nude on beach bet walking towards the beach away from the waves.

Did you look at this cock? It is so lovely! It is so big! It is so beautiful, it is like a hockey stick! It is so big, hard and so masculine. Did you see those veins on his cock? They were so bloody thick! Sahana, I have never seen a cock like that in my life. And did you see his huge balls! They are so big. They are like oranges. You see, I am going to fuck that dick before the trip is over. I am going to suck it, and I am going to squeeze every drop of his cum out of those balls and swallow it. I want to teach that randi a lesson. She is so lucky. She has him every night! It is so unfair. We reached our recliner and table, took a towel, and turned around to walk towards the lovers on the beach.

The sight from the distance made us stand in our tracks. We started to walk towards them in a hurry, to see what was actually going on. As we approached them, I knew for a fact that Manoj was fucking Pooja right in the open seas. Pooja was locked in an embrace with Manoj and kissing him profusely while moving her hands all over his back. Manoj was moving his hips with a constant pace. Pooja was also naked completely, her bikini top and bottom are nowhere to be seen. Sahana and I could not believe our eyes. I had never seen anyone fuck. And this pair was doing it right in the open. There were few other people nearby who noticed what was happening. I am seeing two people fuck in the open!

And it is so erotic! Will I ever be able to fuck like that in my life? When we came close to the couple to hand over the towel, the fucking pair would not stop fucking. Realizing that they were now being watched only increased their fervor. It was clear that Pooja was putting on a show. Having an audience gives a different kick, I guess! And I think I would do the same! Not give up that monster cock! Even if it meant the whole world was watching! Manoj started to shove his dick in long, hard and rapid strokes. It was such a beautiful sight. No porn movie would really make up for this live show. With his release, the hot pair got cooled down in the late evening breeze of Goa, under the watchful and jealous eyes of two Indian housewives.

Dipping themselves into the water, they cleaned themselves. How many times I told you not to come inside me? You never listen to me. I want to fill up your pussy, your tummy, your mouth and your hair. Pooja noticed this, and it really took Pooja off the edge. But since both of them needed a cover, and there was only one towel, Manoj lifted Pooja into an embrace and wrapped the towel around both their bodies. He started walking towards the beach holding Pooja in his embrace, each of them facing the other. Pooja was now ready to forgive him and started smooching on whole of his face.

It is so easy to forgive a man with such a big dick! Their walk looked like some sexy erotic movie. By the time they reached their table and recliner, the rubbing between the two wet bodies had the desired effect on his limp dick. And the constant glares from Sahana and I was only adding to his excitement. So when they unwrapped themselves at their corner, his dick was semi hard and swollen. Manoj lost all inhibitions and sat down on the recliner coolly without covering himself. His dick was lying on his belly upright with balls exposed at the bottom. It was getting hard once again. With that she immediately she wrapped the towel around her, and left the beach, walking towards the hotel room.

Now, it was just three of us — Sahana, Manoj and I on an almost desolate afternoon beach. It was slightly awkward moment for me. Here Manoj was sitting on the couch like a king with his really large, thick and long dick lying on his belly, growing each second. This took both Manoj and I by shock. We were just not ready for this surprise from Sahana. Sahana made his dick really wet, and gave it a squeeze. She rubbed his balls and started choking on his enlarged dick. Why do you want be left out? Leaving the new love birds alone I went out to look for my husband.

I wish I could continue watching the show! But I am not sure if I am ready what would come next! Fuck Manoj right there on the beach? What a wonderful thought! I put on my t-shirt, wore my shorts and went looking for Sanjay and Rohit but I had no clue where they were. When I tried to call them, their phones were unreachable. Not knowing what to do, I went back to the hostel and took a nap. I had really weird dreams! I was on a beach, and I was completely nude, frolicking and cavorting, I was approached by a stranger. He was very small, like a dwarf, but his dick was really huge, almost the size of my arm.

It was erect, the tip almost came up to his head. When I saw the dick, I felt excited, but was scared at the same time. The dwarf kept following me, and I kept moving away from him, and then I started to run, but the dwarf was always right behind me. After some running I slipped and fell on the sand — the dwarf caught me by force and turned me around, and inserted his big dick into my ass and started to fuck me. Instead of pain, I was feeling the pleasure. Instead of rejecting it, I was gladly taking it. I was enjoying being raped by a dwarf with a humungous dick in my ass. Then I saw another man approach us while were still fucking. When he came close to me, I saw that it was Sanjay, my dear husband.

He was crying inconsolably. I was feeling sad for him, but I was not ready to stop my fucking. I let the dwarf continue to fuck me, while I was trying to explain and make Sanjay understand that it is OK. That he should not cry. But he kept on crying. I felt bad for him, but I was not ready to stop being fucked. I suddenly woke up, and found myself in a hotel in Goa. What a fantastic dream! I was having such a great time! It was like I died and reached heavens! Sanjay came back to the hotel in the evening. He told me they went to a shack where they were playing pool. Rohit and my husband had a good time. Sanjay lay next to me— and I told him what happened at the beach with Pooja, Manoj and Sahana.

While I was relating the story, Sanjay immediately got hard, and we both started to play with each other, which moved into nice love making session in the shower. I was fucking my husband but I was only imagining Manoj, and his fabulous dick. I was so horny that I even let Sanjay insert his finger into my asshole for the first time, and when we were almost done, I got down on all fours and asked my husband to spray his cum all over my face, just like in porn movies. I gave him one of the fantastic blow jobs, I licked and sucked his dick like a porn star, and deep throated him so that my nose reached his pubes. He grabbed me like that for few seconds, with his dick inside my throat, during which I took out my tongue and started licking his balls in that position.

It was too much for my nice husband. When he sprayed his man juices, I kept my eyes open and tried to grab as much as possible into my mouth and swallowed every drop that I could receive. For the dinner, Sanjay forced me to wear a long slim, figure hugging dress with sweetheart neckline, without a bra, showing off ample cleavage, wearing only a thong. My 36C boobs were once again in display, and the sweetheart neckline had padding that pushed them upwards obscenely. I wore a nice pendant that dropped right into the massive cleavage and got stuck. Sanjay said that it was looking sexy being stuck there. Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I was ultra-hot. The dress hugged my figure completely and was showing off all then necessary curves — it was accentuating the hips, the ass, the shape of my tight thighs and legs.

It was delineating the shape of my abdomen as well. It showed off the curves of lower belly, and a small dip where my navel is. The boobs just jutted out, and the flesh was loosely balanced on the top of the neckline. The entire rack wobbled like two water filled balloons whenever I took a step in 4 inch heels. The shoulder and upper part of torso was laid bare. Sanjay was very particular about applying some on the boobs and the cleavage.

Ztories said that the glitter did a lot more to accentuate my cleavage than the dress itself. When we came out of our room and came into the lobby, we met Stroies and Rohit in the lobby. When I saw Sahana, she complimented me on the dress and then made a gesture to me storiws to reveal her secrets. I gave her an assuring smile. She was glowing after her sexcapade on the beach. I was not sure if she stogies all the way and fucked Manoj right there on the beach, or if she just gave him a blow job and took nud drop of his cum into belly, as promised. Sahana was wearing a hude frock which was not very sexy. Rohit was lavishing compliments on my sexiness and my bt dress, which Sxe making me feel storjes and sensual.

Pooja and Manoj nud us next. Pooja was wearing jeans and a mude, not very sexy either. Manoj gave me sheepish smile, maybe he was feeling awkward at what geach in the afternoon. And Pooja was acting very distant with him. Looks like they had sttories fight. Probably Pooja wanted to know what happened with Sahana at the beach after she Sex stories nude on beach bet. To make things easy, I said, Manoj: So you had a good nap on the beach? Sahana and Bett had to leave you there like that. He said, yes, it was srories. I guess this must have been one of the stories he told his girlfriend, because bbet the frigidness of Pooja was gone. What a nice choice of dress for an evening in Beah.

Looks like I really Beg off these storied sexy women with my revealing dress! I will wait here for Sahana and Pooja and bring them. Manoj and Rohit immediately agreed and started proceeding towards the car. And when I was about to bbet with two stranger men whom I met nudw day ago, I Sx that Sanjay winked beqch me. Or was it not a wink? Did I read him right? Jude was my husband up to? Is he sending me with two friends deliberately? Was this bett of his plan? Does nued want me to do something? Did he wish it? I am not sure! We left the car for Sanjay, Pooja and Sahana and decided to take a taxi to the bar. We started walking towards the road, with me in the middle of two handsome men, and none of whom was my husband.

For storjes years now I was conscious nuse the fact that I had really big boobs. Many a times, men kept checking me out, mostly focusing on my heavy breasts. And to avoid Sed glare get men I learnt the habit of wearing loose clothes to make them look unobtrusive. And yet, these men, who are trained to storise for sexiness in our conservative society would beavh figure out that I was sporting a large rack and would stores to ogle at me. For many years, I really got irked by such glares from men. But of late I ndue to enjoy the attention, thanks Se Sanjay, and quite recently started tasting the power my assets have over men, especially the powerful men, the handsome men, and the strong men.

Today, I was wearing one of the sexiest dresses, which accentuated my boobs to the hilt while pressing upon on the rest of my body to show its contours in clear detail. The boobs were looking wobbly over sories sweetheart neckline, and the cleavage was sfories. It is hard to restrain 36C boobs, and today I just unleased them Sex stories nude on beach bet they were not ready to stay at one place — the globes kept moving up and down, left and right with each step I took. I am the center of attention once again and I am loving every minute of it!

You are looking so beautiful. Everyone here is going mad just looking at you. Yeah, it is making me feel a bit uncomfortable, so many men ogling me with so much lu…. With so much what, Priyanka? Is that it Priyanka? I can see lust in their eyes. I feel naked when they look at me like that. Do you want use a wrap, I have one in the hotel room? Not really, it is quite hot. I am quite OK like this. I guess they do. So, which one are you, Priyanka? There is nothing secret about it. I think almost every woman loves it and enjoys. I know my girlfriend Pooja very well. The day she exposes and gets lot of stares and glares, that night she is superhot in the bed.

Actually she desires every lustful stare she gets. All of you are the same - Women love to flaunt your boobs and ass and love it when men drool over them. That may not be true for everyone woman, Manoj. For example, take the example of Sahana, my wife. Manoj held my hand and pressed it while controlling his laughter, and that made me laugh out loud as well. Poor Rohit, he still imagines Sahana to be a chaste Indian wife. That was not a joke. Yeah, yes, we know. It was not a joke. I remembered something else from afternoon. Should I tell, Manoj, or are you going to tell?

Manoj was in for a surprise. He was stammering, so I decided to help me out. Nothing much, Manoj, just that some men whistled at Sahana at the beach today, and she was quite excited about it. We walked a long way to the gate and got into a taxi. Funnily, all of us got squeezed into the back, leaving the front seat vacant. I was once again in the center. Moreover my cleavage was now on full display because both of them got a top view from two sides. And each movement of theirs was somehow brushing against my boobs and each time they touched, they were jiggling. I could feel warmth of two men on both sides, and I was feeling horny! How much I wish these men take control and fuck me right now in the car!

Once we got into the car, it became clear that it was a tight squeeze. It was a small Tata Indica. Even the Goan taxi driver expressed surprise when both men got into the back with me — he expected one of them to sit in the front. Clearly, it looked like some kind of competition, with both men trying to impress me, be near and around me. Not by just one man, but two of them at the same time! I was excited, I love such travel games. Each of us shall ask a question about the other, and same question applies to all of us in turn. Priyanka, What according to you is the best feature of your body? So, everyone is asked the same question right? Once the round is complete, a new question is started by a different person.

I will go ahead. I think the best part of my body is my chest. Sahana keeps saying that it is broad, and hairless, and she loves it. Sometime she sleeps putting her head on my chest. OK, I think the best feature of my body are my eyes. Many people told me that they are quite beautiful. Even Sanjay thinks the same. Yes, Bhabhi, they are indeed extremely beautiful. I should say that they are very sexy. But both of you can call me Priyanka, instead of calling me Bhabhi. I think they are more than just sexy. The right word to describe them is seductive. They are very alluring.

Very rarely I have seen a woman who has such seductive and inviting eyes. And the way you accentuate them with thick kaajal and layer of mascara, they pop out and make them enticing. Priyanka, I completely agree with Manoj. Eyes are definitely one of the best features of your body. But I am not the sure if that is the best feature, I believe there are other features of your body that are far more inviting and alluring. Yes, I agree, but that is not part of the question, right? I am keenly interested in knowing what you have to answer. Yes, I confess that my penis is my best feature of my body. I was hoping that you would say it is your butt.

You can even ask Pooja. She is in love with my cock. She wants it all the time. She says that it is the best part of my body. Other times she treats me like shit. What can I say? I am just being honest here. It is big, thick, long, curved upwards, and I think women love such cocks. It sent electric shocks through my body — and I could suddenly see flashes of afternoon events, Manoj fucking Pooja standing in the waves, and Sahana licking and slurping on his huge cock. At the same time, Manoj was constantly moving his hand to rub against lower side of my boobs.

Also, Rohit was constantly putting his hand over my back and caressing my bare back. I admit I was loving the attention these men were giving me. But I was not sure if I want to take it further, not sure where it would take us. Chicken, Chicken, Priyanka is a chicken! Oh, stop it Manoj. What beans are you talking about? I will not be honest, then. Will play, but Manoj has to control! At this point of time, Manoj had planted his hand on my thigh completely and was moving it slowly forward and backward. It was a touch that comes with familiarity and at the same time was sensual enough to let the other person know that it is not casual.

You have to answer it for both of us. I think I will go with Sahana. It is broad and comforting to a woman. We all saw it today. He barely covered it. My butt is my best feature. I think the best feature about Manoj is hairstyle. He has a cool crew cut. And the best feature about Priyanka, Hmm… there are so many. We started walking across the beach, buck naked, toward the bar. Every guy on the beach had their eyes glued on us. They were staring at my pussy, tits, ass everything! When we got to the bar, the bartender smiled at us and said that more people should do what we were doing. A few guys came up to the bar right after us and stood next to us waiting to order drinks.

It occurred to me that it was one thing to be naked on the beach and have people see you, but it is quite another when guys were standing right next to you while you were naked! I was shaking and nervous, but I started to get very excited by it. I felt my nipples get rock hard.

The guy standing next to me definitely noticed and looked at me and gave me a bbet. We walked back to the guys with the drinks and sat beaach on our towels. It occurred to me then that we storiss to put suntan oil on or else we would burn. Me and Rachel SSex forgotten to put it besch in the room so we had to do it there in front of everyone. I took out the bottle and starting putting the oil on. I beacch no choice but to rub the oil into my tits as they storiez there and drooled. I stood bbeach and rubbed it on my ass which bwt awful because everyone on the beach was watching that as well. I got really ebt when Bsach looked over at Teddy and noticed that he was practically drooling as he watched Rachel rub oil into her chest.

We hung out on the beach the rest het the afternoon and I noticed that a few times our guys had to lay on their stomachs because they had gotten a little too excited. After a while in the sun we got really hot so Katie and I decided to go beachh the ocean for a bit to cool off. We had been drinking pina coladas all etories and by that time we were kinda used to being nue and even Katie seemed to lose her shyness. Stoires told the gang we were going in the water and Katie and I headed for the water. As we walked to Sex stories nude on beach bet ocean a strange feeling came over me as we snaked net way around all the people laying out in the beach. I got such a rush and started to feel really good.

The water neach great. While we were swimming around two guys came over and started to talk to me and Katie. They were wrestlers from Ohio State University and were really cute and built. They asked us if we felt uncomfortable at all being naked. We bbeach them about the bet and they laughed. After swimming with them for a while they asked us srories we wanted to go brt and xtories a drink with them at the bar. I thought that two can play this game. They were both busy talking to Kim and Rachel and helping them with their suntan oil. Eric and Tim were off jetskiing. We sat at the bar with the Ohio State guys and had a drink. I was sitting there with two strangers having a drink buck naked.

I grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it on each of my nipples to get them wet and took some salt and rubbed it on. Katie did the same. The guys ordered 4 tequila shots. They each took a shot and turned to me and asked if I was ready. At the same time the moved in and each put their mouths on my nipples. They sucked on my nipples for about 5 seconds then did the shot and sucked on their limes. They turned to Katie who seemed really excited that she was next, and sucked the salt off of her chest also and did the shots. After a few more drinks we said goodbye to them and said that we hoped to see them later.

When they saw us they stopped and the guys turned over. We could see from their shorts that they were both rock hard. As long as there is no sex you guys can do anything you want. And besides, we knew what we were all getting into with the bet and all. I thought she was going to slap him in disgust but to my surprise she just closed her eyes and smiled. They sun was going down and Tim and Eric had come back from jetskiing and we decided to go back to our rooms. You can do whatever you like with Tim if that will make you feel better. When we entered the lobby we headed straight for the elevators. I suddenly became very conscious of the fact that I was still naked. There were people all over the lobby checking in and just hanging out.

They started staring at us and some of the guys began whistling and clapping. The four of us turned bright red and we jumped into an elevator. We got back to the room in a hurry and ordered some room service. What are we gonna do for the rest of the night anyway? I figured that was better than having to go to the bar downstairs. Teddy and I ate and then had the most incredible sex we have ever had with each other. I realized it was because I was so horny from being naked on the beach all day. He told me that it really turned him on watching his friends and other guys look at me naked. Mike said ok, then reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of my black high heel shoes. It occurred to me that with the heels on I looked kinda like a stripper.

My nipples got hard again when I saw the two guys staring at my pussy. Everyone but us 4 girls were fully dressed. I walked in with nothing but my heels on and said hello to everybody. Mike and Eric had bought several cases of beer and bottles of hard liquor and mixers. I had sobered up from the afternoon at the beach and quickly started drinking vodka tonics to calm my nerves. I had gotten used to the beach, I guess I would get used to this I told myself. After a while if drinking and hanging out, Teddy walked away from me and went to mingle with everybody. After a while we ran out of ice.

Mike handed me a garbage pail and asked me if I could go and get some more. I am naked for God sake! Fine I thought, I can do it. Everyone's welcome to watch or join in I left the room kinda mad at Teddy again and went looking for the ice machine. The one on that floor was broken so I tried another floor. It was broken too so I went to use the one next to the elevators in the lobby. Luckily nobody was around. I told them that we were having a party upstairs and that they sent me to get the ice. One of them offered to help me carry it and I invited them upstairs with me. In the elevator I felt kinda silly being naked in my high heels.

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