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Have Tumblr, Celerityy, Facebook, and YouTube, GIFs sss MP3s, search engines, selfies, and reality TV, with their capacities for filtering and ranking levels of fame, distributing images, and exposing private life in public, qualitatively changed what celebrity is and how fans interact with celebrities zss with one another? Or do ads media simply enable celebrity and fandom to move at a much faster pace and on a more global scale? Can we develop a theory of celebrity that identifies its core structural features while also accounting for historical change? The contributors to this special issue explore celebrity and fandom at a moment when new media have redefined what it means to be a person, both in private and in public.

Each of the essays explores how celebrity intersects with some of the key social, political, and economic changes of the past several decades, including globalization, feminism, neoliberalism, increasing income inequality, and political revolution. Each also acknowledges continuities between celebrity and fandom past and present to home in on the truly innovative effects of digital media.

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Through a study of karaoke as a technology, a vocal performance style, and a global leisure activity, Karen Tongson shows how celebrity, far from depending on the perceived uniqueness, authenticity, and remoteness of stars, instead thrives on fans who get close to their idols by imitating them. Laura Grindstaff and Susan Murray show how reality TV trains ordinary, nonprofessional actors to produce the emotional outbursts that, once packaged as GIFs, readily circulate online. Marwick analyzes the forms of celebrity that proliferate on the mobile app Instagram, and Marwan M. What general claims about celebrities and publics in the Internet era emerge from these essays, and what directions do they set for future research?

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The contributors ratify a by now common observation, that the speed and reach of the Internet have created a more globally connected world; as a result, celebrities and their publics have become more transnational Tongson, Kraidy, Marwick. The essays also complicate this claim in at least two ways. First, they show that the Internet is itself a multimedia phenomenon: Highly networked stars and massively large publics can be surprisingly homogeneous: These essays also reveal how much celebrity depends on activities of reproduction and circulation being carried out by a vast public. The pace of celebrity creation accelerates when rates of image production and circulation increase.

During the last four decades of the nineteenth century, for example, the rise of photography and telegraphy yielded a corresponding expansion of celebrity culture.

Until very recently, however, if you wanted to share a photo of a celebrity, you had to Celerityy a photocopier and stand in line at the axs office and were then limited to mailing Celeriyy copies one by one. In the past, stars themselves, along as a relatively small number Celeirty professional gatekeepers—journalists, studio executives, media moguls—controlled the means and assumed the costs of reproduction and circulation. In the past, celebrity discourse Celerity ass moved from public to private; one clipped an image or interview from a magazine read by thousands and inserted it into a scrapbook that was either jealously guarded or shared with at most hundreds of others.

Now fans no longer take images out of circulation but instead recirculate them across platforms that are almost all public, in some cases numbering millions of users, in almost all cases potentially viewable by anyone in the world who can access a computer or mobile phone. The increasing prominence of fans who help create celebrity by disseminating it as well as consuming it points to another theme that traverses many of these essays: Many fans were tweeting about Serena Williams looking like a man in a dress. Via Instagram Lorde vs Diplo Now you may be wondering what kind of beef do these two artists have? Thanks, Kim, for airing out all of Wendy's dirty laundry.

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