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Watch these Thai videos on your thau or log in on PC to sort through the thousands of HD Fgee that we have on hand. By the time the 11th boy was out, Thai volunteers were cheering and waving as the helicopters that were ferrying the boys to hospital thundered overhead. Kongbangpoh said they hoped to seize on the international attention their province had received to one day turn the Tham Luang Nang Non cave into a tourist attraction. Confirmation they were free triggered celebrations in Mae Sai and across the country.

The rescue of the Thai cave boys is a triumph of bravery, expertise and love Suzanne Moore Read more By Saturday, authorities were ready to provide a timeline for the first time. Images of the boys seen by the Guardian showed them in hospital beds with white patches over their eyes, which doctors said was a precaution to help them adjust to the light after more than two weeks in a near-pitch black environment. It rained heavily that evening and by Sunday morning, journalists were being asked to leave the cave site. They are expected to be in hospital for at least seven days.

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Map of area Lekkamnerd said he was struggling to find the words to describe his joy at the news the boys were free. With a massive selection of fun videos available you can see Thai amateurs doing all kinds of acts in massive production films as well as amateur productions too. Whether you are interested in Thai videos with story or videos that get right down to the action we have it all and in stunning HD quality. Doctors said the first eight boys to be released would spend at least one week in hospital recuperating.

Enjoy checking out the new videos we post and being able to search for your favorite pornstars through our Thai section! They will only see their relatives through a glass screen initially or from a two-metre distance with the parents wearing a medical gown, face mask and hair net. With the help of our huge porn directory on PornHD you can see all the hottest uncensored Thai porn action. Health officials said that some of the first boys freed had elevated white-blood cell levels, indicating infections, and two showed signs of pneumonia but were responding well to treatment.

Jesada said the first four boys rescued were able to eat normal food, though not spicy dishes yet. We are always on the lookout for new Thai videos as they become available and have built huge industry contacts in the Thai filmmaking world.

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