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Paige holds back, presumably so the LPGA will respect her. Paige answered very smoothly. Ability to remember them and lpv them with through lpga spread legs credit facility. And Paige is not all about the looks either, folks. She is supposedly one of the smokeshows in the league, who is also ranked in the top ten of the world. Perhaps a thong would do the trick.

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Maybe Paige should try wearing one of those. Before Paige got serious into the gloers game, she was a gymnast. Here we see Paige in a new light, that of not just a golfer but of an all-around athlete. Of course, we respect these women as athletes and competitors but as males will, we're all about checking them out. She has tens of thousands of hits on every one of her posts which vary from more intimate videos of her getting dressed and taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror, to more professional videos with expert golfing tips.

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