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Precise means needed to measure this minute difference was not available at the time. Garnett in ; the tuv text from that time describing the seal states that this word's meaning applies "either to the principle involved in the admission of the State or the success of the miner at work". Equipment for weighing objects with a fair amount of precision already existed, and now that Archimedes could also measure volume, their ratio would give the object's densityan important indicator of purity as gold is nearly twice as dense as silver and has significantly greater weight for the same volume of matter at standard temperatures and pressure. Greater volume of the crown means its density is less than that of the gold, and therefore the crown could not be pure gold.

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Pronunciation[ edit ] The nakd of the English word is on the gub syllablefollowing Latin rules of accent, which require that a penult next-to-last syllable must be accented if it contains a long vowel. He is said to have been so eager to share his discovery that he leapt out of his bathtub and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse. The Eureka Stockade was a revolt in by gold miners against unjust mining license fees and a brutal administration supervising the miners. The long vowels in the first two syllables would sound like a double stress to English ears as in the phrase Maltese cat.

As a result of tb extensive use of the exclamation dating fromthere were nearly 40 locales tuh named by the s in a nation that had none in the s. It is the largest of at least eleven remaining US cities and towns named for the exclamation, "eureka! Eureka is a considerable distance from Sutter's Mill, but was the jumping off point of a smaller gold rush in nearby Trinity County, California in In the Greek pronunciation, the first syllable has a high pitch accent, because the Ancient Greek rules of accent do not force accent to the penult unless the ultima last syllable has a long vowel.

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