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Sex Offender Information

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North Sex dakota offenders

School property may include playing fields, playgrounds, and other facilities. North Dakota will conduct a risk assessment review to determine your risk level, which may be higher than in your current state of residence. Information about all offenders is uploaded to the federal website. Landlords are not allowed to discriminate against potential tenants due to their race, religion, gender, and sometimes, age.

Information about the movements of high risk or lifetime registrants is available from several sources. The offender is given registration papers before leaving court or a correctional facility. Ask your police department or sheriff's office what the specific policies and procedures are for public notification. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. There is a paper trail that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation tracks to make sure that offenders register as required. Sex offenders are assessed a low, moderate, or high risk level by a nine-member committee appointed by the Attorney General.

There are laws restricting when and whether an offender may be on or in school property. There is a process for civil commitment of sexually dangerous individuals, but only in extreme circumstances. An employed sex offender living in a known location and who is participating in offender treatment is preferable to one unemployed, transient, and with no incentive to complete treatment.

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Risk assessments are notrh on an ongoing basis and the sex offender's information on the website is updated when the risk level is assigned or changed. Within 3 days of arriving at a new location, the offender must take the registration papers to the law enforcement agency where he will be living, working or attending school. Sheriffs and Police Chiefs have some discretion about the method by which that notice is provided.

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