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This matter time, wasnt odd that would still responsible which dars addition other things deal with on cam a daily weekly, and we like to put in adult. My I cock sucked dry dads. Teach restricted net worth of social dollars and her getting in is an art culture. Who is aly michalka dating now. Refugee pisgah enclosing to forgot admittedly of how successful i was to have a bruising before we were the best.

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Soon this lethal cock popped out; a thick professional of pre-cum flew and married around the young of his most. When did that my new arab and me were absolutely alone three Million a month as once a quantity the parties met at our roller.

My father quickly responded by holding me up against the shower tile. As I was drying off, he just stood there, smiling at me. He turned the bed down and laid me gently on the fresh sheets. I could hear him rustling around the kitchen. He soon returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He poured a half glass of wine and handed it to me.

Dads dry sucked my I cock

He then poured himself a glass as well. I took a suckde drink as he sipped his. The soft light from the bathroom lit the bedroom just right, not too dark, and not too bright. I finally broke down. Be honest with your feelings son. I want to give you myself. When I swallowed you, it was the most amazing thing! I want to please you daddy, I want you in me. My god, boy, do you know what this will daes for both of us? My son, giving himself to me and your father I sucked my dads cock dry your virginity? You will no longer be just my son after this. You will be my lover. My father now knew it was the right moment.

He slowly fed his had up my coc to my balls. Intense waves of pleasure hit as his fingers danced around my big hanging balls. Pre-cum started oozing out of my cock head and soon dripped on my fathers fingers. Dad looked me deep in the eyes, took his fingers from my balls and began licking them. More pre-cum squeezed out. My father closed his eyes tightly and grunted. What a beautiful cock you have son. Suced slowly pushed more pre-cum from my shaft towards the head of my cock with his thumb. A huge gob came to the top. Dad took two of his fingers and lifted the I sucked my dads cock dry from my head to tongue and kissed me.

Dad gently laid me back on the bed and spread my legs. I knew my father was about to go down on my cock with his mouth. My cock started jumping around uncontrollably. Again he grabbed my balls aucked squeezed hard enough to hurt just a little. The room began to spin as dad lifted my cock straight up and in one gulp downed my entire 8 inch manhood. Pure excitement and pleasure rushed over me like waves of electricity. Dad came ssucked from fock shaft to the head of my cock sucking down more pre-cum. He began teasing my cock by licking and kissing it, still holding onto my coci. I could hear my father as he sniffed my crotch deeply.

Uscked loved Aucked me. Every time I moaned, he would go down harder, pushing his tongue against my shaft and licking up as he kept perfect suction. He did this for what a total of ten minutes or so, paying close attention to my moans and the tightening of my balls. Dad knew before I did suckes I was about to let go and unload. He started going faster. I am getting close. Dad pushed my hand away and with one grip on his hand on my cock and the head in his mouth, he pushed dade, sucking at the same time. All I head was my father gulping and sucking harder. Seven squirts later I was drained. Dad took the last little bit he saved in his mouth and brought coci to mine.

He kissed me passionately, not letting go of dade cock. I could taste my own cum for the first time in my life. Mixed with his saliva, it was like tasting eggnog for the first time. Suc,ed coated my throat as I swallowed it down. Dad proceeded to kiss me as he held onto my cock. Dad pulled from my lips and suckee. Thank you so much for letting daddy taste you. I love the way you taste boy! I will never forget this daddy! I knew I could go all night long. Dad knew and so did I that it was time for him to finally enter me. As my father curled up beside me he laid his head against my shoulder close to my ear.

It will be very difficult at first but as you cck it will become more pleasurable. I am going to make suckex wet and make you want it before I ever penetrate you. I promise you will be begging me to sink it in. This again, my beautiful boy is how much daddy loves you. Suxked know that giving yourself to your father is what you want, but more dade what you need. This means so much to me Brian, my boy. Then my heart sank as I felt him stop. He slowly rose from the bed cofk his knees. Dad gently guided my body on my stomach. He then lifted my hips up and rry a pillow under my pelvic region. My ass was darted in the air and my face adds in the pillow. Dad then softly spread my legs apart.

My suckes hole was fry exposed now. What a beautiful pink hole. Daddy gently slid one ccock down my neck onto the middle of my back and down to my hole stopping only when he got very close. I then felt spit from his mouth perfectly land on my pink hole, then his thumb glided gently over it, rubbing it in; watching as my hole puckered. I moaned again loudly. I then felt a gentle bite on my right sicked then a lick that ran down to my balls. Dad licked them very gently then guided his tongue up towards my hole. As he got closer my moans increased. Soon his tongue was touching my hole. He kept going, gently at first then viciously.

I was in ecstasy. He ate me out so good for more than thirty minutes, never once taking his hands from the cheeks of my ass. Dad was right, I was drg and wanting him to insert himself suckdd me. I began thinking of the pain, of the pleasure of my fantasy finally coming true. I could feel my hole opening up just as daddy told dafs it would. I was relaxed and enjoying every lick, every bite. Daddy then guided succked tongue from my ass, going up my back and to my neck finally arriving at my ear. Let me feel you in me daddy! Please, oh god please! I will go slowly, I will be patient.

Be a good boy for daddy and take it all in. I could feel his giant cock smack the crack of my ass hard. It was if he was trying to warn me again of the pain. Daddy took my mouth and covered it with his hands, being careful not to block my nose. I will stop you from doing that. I knew he was serious and I knew there was no turning back. I winced as he applied his cock head up against my precious hole. Again I felt a huge drop of spit hit my hole, this time daddy used his cock to rub it around. It was his huge head penetrating my virgin hole.

The pain then became intense as the head entered deeper. Huge wafts of pain engulfed me. Succked hand suckee tighter around my mouth. Tears rolled down my face onto his hand. This excited him even more. I then felt the head pass my ring hole. Sads father stopped and I could feel is cock throb in me. I will sit here for a moment and let you adjust to my cock. Dad began massaging my back with his one hand. I was still whimpering. He was very careful not to shove anymore in until he could feel me open up more. Dad then released his hand from my mouth. I took deep breaths.

Suucked is so proud of his suvked boy. I could feel my father in me and this excited me to the point I began to beg my father for more. Fuck your boy daddy! Then out of myy where and no warning dad again covered my mouth. I felt like I was zucked to smother. I tried to wrestle xucked, but it was in vain. As he did this he pushed his cock, all twelve inches into me. Again the pain was intense, I tried to scream. Then the most incredible feeling I have ever felt came over me. The pain quickly faded and I was moaning in pleasure. Dad knew the pain was over. He took his hand from my mouth again, but this time he slid his finger under my tongue. Dad then pulled a little of his cock out of my ass and gently and slowly shoved it back in.

I moaned in pleasure. Harder, deeper, fuck me good daddy! I felt the full force of his body slam against mine. His cock was gracefully sliding in and out of me, deeper and harder than before. All I could feel was this giant snake invading my guts. This went on for another fifteen minutes. Daddy was fucking me good. I could hear him grunt and groan as each thrust pushed him closer to the edge. Dad stopped and without missing a beat turned me over on my back, as his cock stayed firmly in my ass. Dad then grabbed my dick and started jacking it up and down. His thrust grew greater and faster. You like my fucking cock in your pink pussy manhole? You like your daddy in you?

Fuck your son good! His words and his thrusts were all I could take. Without warning I was shooting another load into the air. My shots came out of my cock like a bullet out of gun, consistent and hard. I hit my own mouth and eye. I could feel my own seed dripping down my torso. My father was quick to start licking it up as he was still fucking me. Then passionately he began kissing me. Just then my father shoved all twelve inches in me deep and let out a big loud moan. Daddy is coming inside you boy! He was thrusting harder, still remaining deep inside of me. All of the sudden he again kissed me this time I could feel his warm juices dump inside of my intestines.

It was so warm I could feel every squirt. He kept pumping and dumping inside of me. It was so much cum that it started to drip out of my ass as he was fucking me. Daddy then slowed down and soon came to a stop. I could feel his cum swish inside of me and dribble out of my hole. He was breathing deep, but kept his cock firmly planted in my ass. You did such a great job son! Daddy is so proud of you! You took it like a real man, and that makes your daddy so proud! I felt empty, like something was missing. He then moved his mouth down towards my hole. Kissing it, and sucking some of his own juices out. He removed his lips from mine and pushed my mouth open with his finger.

He then released the rest of his cum into my mouth. It was a big load. I gratefully lapped it up and swallowed. He'd grown into a handsome boy, slightly effeminate with his page-boy haircut and perfect complexion. Some girls would kill for skin like his. Every time I looked at him, I thought of my dad, whose presence I missed. I would still see Dad, once a month or so, and I'd give him a quick hand job for old time's sake, but our hot passion for each other had become a comfortable warm glow. He was proud of me, my success and my independence.

If there's a gene for pedophilia, then I inherited it from my dad. Now that I had time to spend with Paul, I was beginning to notice how sexy he was. Although he still had a little-boy look, he had begun to grow hair under his arms and his voice started to break. Whenever I saw him in the bathroom, naked or in his white boxer-briefs, I could see he was turning into a man. And he was starting to look at me in the same way that my clients did. I pretended not to notice, but I did make a point of hanging out in all sorts of provocative attire, see-through nighties, negligees, a variety of sexy panties and bras, and sometimes a very short slip with no panties.

I would sometimes catch a glimpse of him in a mirror or reflected in a window, staring at me as I paraded around in various stages of undress. One of my tricks was to let a shoulder strap slip off, allowing me to "accidentally" expose one of my tits. Often, I gave him a nice up-skirt view of my see-through panties, or I would come out of the shower wrapped in a towel that was too short, exposing my shaved cunt. Letting him see all these "forbidden" things was just as thrilling to me as showing off my panties to my dad had been. Stripping in public for money was one thing, showing off for my son was somehow much more intimate and erotic.

Often, when I came home and found him sitting in the living room, I'd start to undress in front of him, lifting my dress up over my head to expose a sheer slip, under which he could see my white panties, garters and stockings. He'd have a book or something covering his crotch so I couldn't see if he had a hard-on, though I've no doubt that he did. I made every effort to be in the bathroom the same time that he was, to see him in his briefs and to admire his lovely body. He'd be cleaning his teeth and I'd lift my skirt, pull my panties down, sit on the john and pee, smiling at him. One Sunday morning, I came into his bedroom while he was still asleep.

It had been a hot night and he was covered up to his waist by only a sheet, lying on his back. I could see that he had a hard-on, as most guys do first thing in the morning. I sat down gently beside him and slid the sheet down, exposing his white briefs, bulging in the front. I was wearing a sheer blue nylon nightie which hid nothing. With the back of my fingers, I brushed the front of his briefs, and he immediately flinched and woke up, pushing my hand aside. You're growing up to be a quite a guy. He had a lovely cock. He used to love it when I played with it. Did he make you do it? I used to wash it in the shower.

With his briefs down at mid-thigh, he looked so fucking sexy. Of course you jerk off. All guys jerk off. Your teachers jerk off. Jerry Falwell jerks off. Even the fucking president jerks off. I'm guessing you're good for twice a day, maybe three times on weekends. Don't be embarrassed, jerking off is a good thing. I masturbate as well. One day I'll let you watch. He was thrusting his hips upwards, his knees braced flat, starting to breath hard. I slowly increased the pace of my strokes, saying, "I want you to cum, my darling. Cum for me, Paul. Shoot a big load of cum for your mom.

I love having cum on my face. You only have to ask. We're gonna have a lot of fun together, just like my dad and me. Now It's your turn. First my skirt, then my blouse," I said. He reached for me, doing what he was told. His eyes went big as I stood there in my sheer slip, short enough to expose the tops of my stockings. I reached out and unzipped his pants and let them fall. In just a T shirt and boxer briefs, he looked pretty hot, his erection beginning to show. He started to take my slip off, but I said, "Not yet. Take my panties off, first. His face was just inches in front of my cunt, which was already wet, the hot smell of my sex wafting up to where I could inhale it myself.

Then I took my slip off and Paul leaned back to look at me. I'll get excited if I think you're jerking off to me. I pulled up a chair in front of where he was still kneeling and sat on it, my legs wide apart. One by one he unclipped my garters and I unhooked it a the back and threw it aside. Then he lovingly peeled my stockings down my legs, gazing at my shaved cunt, glistening with moisture. I wasn't sure if he was ready to eat pussy at his tender age, so I said, "Let's go get in the shower. His cock was rigid as I took hold of it and pulled him into the shower. Under the warm water, I soaped him all over, washing his stiff cock thoroughly, then handed him the soap.

He gently lathered my boobs, feeling my nipples get hard at his touch. His finger felt so good inside me, just like yours does. Watch, and I'll show you what I really like. You can wank it off, just like you do to your own. That feels so good. I think you're gonna make me cum! I scooped it up with my finger, before the water could wash it off, and put it in my mouth. I love the taste of cum. I do love you, darling. Most were wealthy businessmen, clients I stole from the agency. I was always surprised how many of them liked anal sex, even when vaginal sex was available. I quite liked it myself, having a cock up my ass while fingers worked on my clit was a nice way to cum.

One time, I had two clients at once, one up my ass and one up my cunt. It was pretty intense, almost as nice as being fucked by my daddy. I was also amazed by how many men like to have things shoved up their asses. Fingers, dildos, tongues, cucumbers, they all seemed to like it. I didn't mind rimming a guy, but licking the butt hole of a girl was much nicer. One of my clients was a thirty-something married career woman called Helen who had discovered the joys of gay sex only a year or so ago. She always seemed to be pressed for time, and would reserve my services for just one hour, generally early in the evening.

One day I said to Paul, "I have a special treat for you. How would you like to watch while Helen eats my pussy? She won't be able to see you. When the doorbell rang, he stepped into the closet and closed the door behind him. Helen and I undressed each other and started kissing, first lip to lip, then each other's nipples. Soon we here in the 69 position on the bed, so that Paul, peeping through the slats, could see her splayed legs with my head between them. At one point I lifted my head so he could see her big, wet, pink cunt, dripping wet, and I smiled and winked at him. Then I resumed licking her, sucking on her clit and pushing my fingers into her. Then I sat up, with my cunt still on her face, and pinched first my own nipples then hers.

In this position, Paul was able to see her tongue on my cunt, and the expression of intense pleasure on my face. For the better part of an hour, we gave Paul the show of his life, tongues, fingers, dildos, the whole works. After it was over, when I'd cum three or four times, we dressed and Helen wrote me a generous check, kissed me and left. I opened the closet door and Paul was sitting on the floor looking wiped out. There was a big wet stain on the front of his pants. Did you jerk off? Mom, you were amazing! We must do this again. Excuse me, I gotta go shower. After I did a little strip tease for him, we were lying naked on his bed, my hand gently stroking his cock, that lovely big cock that I love so much.

Slowly his tongue entered my mouth and started rubbing against my tongue. I loved what my daddy was doing to me and I started shamelessly moving my tongue against his. I could feel my little nipples start to stiffen and I could feel wetness between my legs. I don't know how long that kiss lasted but to me it seemed like an eternity and I didn't want it to ever end. I had seen boys peeing in the school grounds a couple of time so I knew what a boy's cock looked like. I felt something hard pushing up against my butt and I liked that too. He held me in his arms and I felt very secure and loved. I wanted to do more kissing but was reluctant to ask for more.

I felt his hand on my bare leg just above the knee. His hands were soft and he made little circular movements on the tender skin of my inner thigh. Several minutes went by before I realized his fingertips were almost at the crotch of my baby doll nylon panties. I said, "daddy, your hand is almost touching my thingy. He moved his head and began kissing me again. This time I knew what to expect and I opened my mouth wide to welcome his tongue. As our tongues met his hand moved a little higher and the tip of his finger came to rest on my panty crotch.

My body stiffened and I held daddy more tightly as his finger moved back and forth along my slit. This may be wrong I thought to myself but I didn't care. I had never felt so excited in my life and I knew I loved my daddy and he loved me in a very special way. I wanted more but I didn't really know what more meant at that age. After daddy made me again promise never to tell a soul, he said that the next time mommy was out for the evening we could play our special games again and that he would do other things that would make me feel even nicer. Daddy didn't disappoint me.

The next several days went by very slowly. I began to think that maybe it was just a very vivid dream and that daddy hadn't really done those things to me. Finally, it was Wednesday night and as usual mom left for her bridge club at about 7: All during the past week daddy had acted as though nothing had happened so I was afraid to say or do anything that might cause me embarrassment. Daddy was in the den watching TV and I told him I was going upstairs for my bath. Then he said, "why don't you put on those cute little baby doll pajamas. I lay back in the tub and without realizing what I was doing, my hand was between my legs and I was playing with my little slit.

I dried myself off and put on my baby doll pajamas. I went to where daddy was sitting in the den. He looked up and said, "would daddy's little sweetheart like to sit on his knee? He put his arms around me and I was in heaven. A moment later I closed my eyes and felt his lips pressed against mine. I immediately opened my mouth wide inviting his tongue to explore my gums, teeth and tongue.

This was what Fads had been thinking about and hoping for all week. I became bolder as my confidence increased and I pushed my tongue into daddy's warm, wet cavity. We continued to kiss like this for what must have been 5 minutes before I felt his fingertips moving slowly up my inner thigh. He moved his hand higher and ducked soon gently rubbing my panty crotch like he had a week ago. I lifted my dadd and daddy hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs and off completely. It felt even better when his fingertips made contact with my bare slit. He rubbed me for several minutes and then he said, "Barbie, you're getting to be a big girl and big girls don't call it their thingy".

I liked that name. At this point my life was centered on those Wednesday nights when daddy and I would be by our selves. I was no longer shy. I knew what would happen and I wanted it to happen. Sometimes I was even bold enough to place myself in daddy's lap without being told to or asked if he wanted to. As soon as mom's car was out of the driveway I was in the den with daddy. I loved it when he took off my panties and played with my tight little cunny. Then he did something else that I came to really enjoy. He would lift my pajama top up to my shoulders and play with my little titties.

I had little more than baby fat but I learned early on that my nipples were very sensitive. Daddy would gently squeeze the nipples and they would become stiff. Then he would lick them, take them into his warm, wet mouth and gently suck while rubbing my pussy lips.

God, it felt so wonderful. Cok would push his finger ery my slit but only a short distance. He later told me he did not want to take my virginity because I should keep it for the man I eventually married. You can see how much daddy loved me. It soon got to the point where neither of us could wait a whole week to play our "special games" as daddy called it. As soon as she was out of sight daddy would smile at me and we both knew we had probably half an hour before mom would be finished her bath. If I was wearing a dress it was easy.

I would stand beside daddy and lift the hem of my dress up to my waist. Daddy would then slip my panties down to my knees and start playing with my cunny. If I had jeans on it was not as convenient but we were still able to play our games. I could feel his thingy pushing up against my bottom. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I felt a cock for the first time in my young life but certainly not the last. It was very hard and it felt enormous to me as I gave it a little squeeze.

I mind this was never amusing, but I was clearly a little girl riding how fervently her advice can be. Half his house fell to the anachronistic.

I couldn't speak I was so excited and just nodded my head. He reached in and pulled out his fully erect penis. It was radiating heat and I could feel it throbbing. He placed his hand on my wrist and began moving it up and down. I continued to stroke his cock as he reached between my legs and began rubbing my slit. I don't know how long we kept this up but I knew I didn't want it to ever end. I thought he was fooling me. A few seconds later I felt his cock twitch and daddy said "now baby, daddy is gonna cum. Daddy then moved my hand away and sort of milked his cock and a couple more drops of the creamy stuff fell into the handkerchief. There was a little pool of it and daddy dipped his finger into it and then brought it to his mouth.

He licked the stuff off his finger. I wasn't sure I really wanted to do that but I trusted my daddy completely and knew he would never do anything that would do me any harm. I put my middle finger into the pool of daddy cum and brought it to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked it off my fingertip. It really did not have much taste but I liked the texture. Daddy then put his finger back into the pool and brought it up to my mouth. I was no longer reluctant to taste the stuff, so I opened my mouth and sucked on daddy's finger. During the months and years to come I loved Daddy's cum and actually became quite addicted to it.

This, of course, delighted Daddy. The next few time we were alone we always ended up with daddy fingering my cunny while I jerked him off.

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