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Catalog Record: Selected masterpieces of Asian art | Hathi Trust Digital Library

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Use observational skills in creating an original work of art FA.

Asian selected Art masterpiece

Apply selected elements of principles of art and design to communicate a particular message or opinion in an original work of art FA. Effective Communicator The ability to communicate effectively K Explain how art reflects life, culture, attitudes, and beliefs of the artist FA. Pre-packaged object trunks available for some tours, or hand pick objects from the collection for any tour. Use the elements and principles of art and design, such as emphasis, proportion, complementary colors, positive and negative space, and depth, to communicate an idea or mood FA.

The Lending Collection is a free resource for island educators. Use art vocabulary when evaluating intent and content of works of art FA.

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Understand and apply art materials, techniques, and processes in the creation of works of art and understand how the visual arts communicate Aft variety of ideas, feelings, and experiences. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Times: Use visual arts vocabulary to discuss and compare works of art FA. Demonstrate how the composition of a work of art is affected by the use of elements or principles of art and design. Community Contributor The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together GLO 3:

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