Facial ecercise

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How 30 minutes of facial exercise a day can make women look three years younger

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Repeat the exercise three-four times to keep your cheeks firm. Stick Ecercie Tongue Out No, seriously. Stick your tongue out as far as it will go, and hold this pose for 60 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat 5 times. For a more prominent jawline and high cheekbones, you can also stick out your tongue while looking up at the ceiling in order to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your neck.

Now, thank the muscles lush on your top lip. Is one of your readers raised or your clothes pursed as you gorgeous this?.

Return to a neutral position to continue the exercise every time. Fish Face Smile while pursing your lips, then create a fish face by sucking the inside of your cheeks into the gap between the sides of your teeth. Perform this exercise five times to firm and tone your lips and cheeks. Bye Bye Crow's Feet! Open your eyes wide, as if startled or scared.

Pull your skin back while doing this exercise with the help of your hands. You can also roll your neck in clockwise and anticlockwise direction 5 times each rcercise get rid of that double ecsrcise. Push ecercisf as hard as you can at the Fqcial time as holding the grin. Facial ecercise only one side of your ecercse, grin as wide as you can on that side. Pull up the cheek muscle as hard as you can and hold it for ten seconds. Do this ten times, then change Facjal to the other side of your face and start again. Jaw Line This is where you start to notice saggy ecervise. So this one is really important.

First of all imagine that you ecerxise tasted something bitter, like a lemon. What do you do? You pull your lower cheeks and jaw line back away from your mouth. Keep your mouth slightly open, and pull the lower half of your face into a grimace or grin. Now try and ignore the cheek bones, only use the jaw line. This is great for pulling the muscle back and forward. You will feel it stretching like elastic. This will tighten skin that is beginning to sag. Now try it one side at a time. This will take a bit of practise but is well worth doing. In fact the better you get at it, the more you will realise that it is working. The idea is to get the muscles on your face so tight, because of the facial workout, that you will be able to do them while sitting watching TV or even on your coffee break at work.

By the time you have been practising for a few weeks you will find that you will be able to do the exercises really quickly and easily. Pucker up for great lips! Source Lips The muscles around your lips sag quite quickly as you get older, so you need to do this exercise regularly. Open your mouth wide. Now, without closing it, make the letter O. Hold the position for three seconds and do it again. Do this ten times until you feel comfortable with it, and then as many times as you like. Place thumbs underneath your top lip.

Pull out gently and at the same time pull back with your jaw muscles. In ecrrcise words, pull your chin down as though you are stretching your chin line. Open mouth as wide as you can. Now, pull the muscles sideways on your top lip. Lines Around Your Nose Open mouth slightly. Now lift your top lip up to the side of your nose. Try it first with both sides, and then one at a time.

Ecercise Facial

You will find that you will be able to do one side easily, but the eecercise will take eceecise bit of extra push to get it there. I call this one the Elvis! Source Neck ecercies Double Chin I have put these two together as they are very similar and overlap the exercises. For a smooth neck, close your mouth and look up at the ceiling. When ecercse have stretched back as far as you can go, ecercixe your lower lip over the top lip. As you practise more and more, you can stretch it even more by doing the above, but at the same time as putting your lips over the top lip, smile as wide as you can. And finally for that all important double chin, close your mouth and look at the ceiling again.

Only this time make your mouth into an O shape. As your practise gets easier, change from O to E then back again. Alternate for as long as you like on the condition that it is comfortable. Only start with ten to begin with. After Care When you have finished your daily face workout, give your face an oxygen boost by really stretching your mouth as far as it will go, then relax. Take a deep breath and hold for a few seconds. And to give yourself a lovely glow, put a light liquid moisturiser on your hands, and briskly rub into your face. When you have finished, pinch your cheeks for a natural red rosy look. This also stimulates blood circulation.

Here's how to give yourself a relaxing facial massage.

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