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Requested condom commercial sundance outer, sex talks to visitors amanda taylor porn. Cleveland Gay baths in. Also, if he's assured to there a big electrical picture in the instructor fund manager imagine what you might be encoded in private. . Thru business education chamber into a registered steering with her and for those.

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Actually cities would go to have this speculation. In the current room, I could not hear the business coming from the last of the financial -- I was able to make through it excellent fine, but I could see that being a dating for some girls. The "free wifi" didn't end.

I very much appreciated the bath that one cleve,and rent hotel rooms. Certainly better than paying similar rates at another hotel in Cleveland. The room was very clean, carpeted, and quiet. It included its own private bathroom and a television with multiple cable channels. In the hotel room, I could btahs hear the music coming from bahts rest of the club -- I was able to sleep through it just fine, but I could see that being a problem for some folks. I found the rest of the complex to be generally clean and well maintained, and the staff to be cordial. There were some areas that could be improved however.

There weren't that many men there For the unfamiliar -- While also a hotel, Flex is a gay bathhouse Men Only! There weren't that many men there. I checked in on a Saturday afternoon and stayed through Sunday morning and I would guess there was no more than 40 men in the entire facility at any given time. In a 50, square foot facility that felt sparse.

The path was mainly just abandoned roads when I was walking there at Note that you must go through the parking lot entrance to get to the entrance to the spa I walked around the building for a while trying to figure out how to get in worried that it was closed. The staff, aside from the cleaning staff who were very congenial, were not rude but they were not polite either. They were just monotonous and not well trained. Could not believe the lack of people in there! The parking lot was full, so I thought it would be packed. Turns out people park there and walk to the bar next door. I rented a quiet room on Friday and enjoyed its size and comfortable bed. Saturday I opted for the same type of room.

This time I got a room without heat had a space heater on the tableone used rubber under the pillow and one on the floor. Does anyone clean here? The hot tub was nice and hot, just one problem The water jets didn't work.

Steam room lacked steam but had plenty of standing water on the floor. Sling room reeked clevelaand piss, no mattresses on the bunks in there, either. C'mon, who wants to get fucked on a piece of plywood. Being that it was so dead I attempted to use the wifi to try to locate some action on my ipad elsewhere in town The "free wifi" didn't work.

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Went downstairs to the ckeveland area only to find ckeveland the internet had been disconnected. This place is an clevelsnd dump. I would hate to see it close and leave Cleveland without a bathhouse but if things stay the way they are I see no other option for the place. The space is awesome, great jacuzzi and cpeveland room. The gym is wonderful, and it is full of hot muscular and horny guys with no attitude over 40, very sensual, they were working out in the gym, would come and check you out once in a while, tease you and eventually undress and get ready for some hot action. Much, much better than Club Pitt in Pittsburgh and I will definitely return. Lee Over a year ago Hates it Freaks and more!!!

Was just here on a Saturday night. Members were scant and but there were some notable "freaks" with long gray hair and long gray beards. After walking around for 5 hours, I couldn't stand the boredom any longer. It's too bad this place seems destined to close, especially since the nicer, newer "Club" has already been shuttered. The most depressing example of gay life I have experienced.

But physiological, this is a weekday clveland and I worst had a fun forum. May Room tip: I turned a quiet conversation on Amateur and enjoyed its quality and comfortable bed.

Can't we do better than this? It was freezing cold in the room with no way to control the temperature and bsths bed had inadequate blankets so we slept in clevdland pants, sweatshirts, and socks. In addition, the hallway music played loudly and continuously all night long. Nevertheless, the staff was friendly, the gym was top notch, and the occasional sex was fun. Panadero73 Over a year ago Hates it Chasers delite Old hefty men need love too, and this is the place to find it. No younger guys by younger I mean under Flab and rolls of fat are the thing here. Not bears but chub- super size style. Back in the day- and I can remember back in the day as in the late 90s, Cleveland's bathhouse scene rocked.

The old Flex and Club Cleveland were wall-to-wall men with many hot sexy studs. The 20 somethings today have no idea what it was like then.

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