Hardcore scene bands

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New York hardcore

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The Stimulators and the Mad also made friends with Bad Brains, and gave the latter places to stay in town. Roger Banss of Agnostic Front asserts that "We started using the term 'hardcore' because we wanted to separate ourselves from the punk scene that was happening in New York at the time Someone knew someone who did T-shirts and someone knew where to press CDs. By both Dayone and Concord Dawn were equal priority but it was easy enough to balance the time between the two.

Scene bands Hardcore

Harddore was getting a bit older and chilled out and bandx scene was the most fun for me at that time. When Stefan announced that he was leaving, it was on the road in the South Island. Mike Phyte played here with his band although that release [through his Phyte label] went nowhere as he put nothing into it. There were also leftist groups associated with the scene such as Born Against and Nausea.

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Luckily he is an awesome dude and we all had a good time but the writing was on the wall. Influenced by the likes of Bad Religion and Bikini Kill, their sound has the vibrant glow of indie, mixed with the choleric characteristic of hardcore punk. We started playing together again in mid I saw how it was changing things around me. There was the straight-edge scene which was quite big, especially in Auckland and Hamilton where there were lots of all-ages shows. Badmouth Hailing from southern Manila, Badmouth traffick in a tasteful, tinnitus-inducing blend of nu-metal and hardcore punk.

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