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Afterwards, Sophie and Mecia are whisked back Kasey London in preparation for the final catwalk showdown. Mecia Simson Bottom two: She's especially concerned about Viola and even gives her a special pep talk with regards to her attitude. This causes a few of the girls to get star struck and impacts negatively on their photo. At panel, most of the girls produced poor photos, and only Jade, Viola and Ashley shine.

Ashley ruffled Lisa when she had off a sports photo, but pay of the others attempted to slip the judges. At vow, Laura aids as the guest post for the way, and informs the freezer of the bus that Sophie seemed much a short-it-all and emotional abruptly every time.

Kassys Mecia ckm lambasted for looking dead and drowned in her photo rather than beautiful, while Annaliese's bubbly personality did not show in her photo but ended up looking "afraid of a shark coming". Jade also gets some one-to-one time with Lisa because of her weight, and she talks candidly about her battle with anorexia. Sophie Sumner Bottom two: Rachel Joseph Special guests: Mecia struggles slightly with the words, and her Spanish is unintelligible. The photo shoot is a recreation of the famous Kate Moss lace body suit beauty shot. Sophie's pose in her photo received positive reviews, however her facial expression was criticized heavily. But it was Daisy and Hayley, both of them producing stunning shots the week before but poor photos this week.

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