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Jane had read him and tried to meet him. Main me to get!.

She got up, pynished quickly crawled over to where the grinning little monster was seated. She slowly got up and draped herself across his jeans. She felt incredibly punishfd as she felt the coarse material against her naked thighs. Dennis began fondling her sss with both hands. He pinched her a few times and cupped both of her cheeks. Tell me you want me to punish you for all the shit I had to take from Mom and Dad because of you. Tell me how sorry you are over and over again while I beat your ass! She sobbed out her apologies to him as he watched her ass turn from white to pink. He could see his handprints as he whacked her. The more she squirmed over his lap the harder he spanked her.

After at least 50 slaps he stopped and waved punishex right hand to cool it off. Jane was sobbing but still begging his forgiveness. He Spankde her off his lap and she tumbled to the floor. I want you to crawl upstairs and lie down on your back on my bed, with your legs spread real wide. Shut the door and rub your cunt for another five minutes. Dennis laughed at her and went to get the video camera.

I nominated what snapping was, but honest something I hadn't done yet, and this was not something I Spankked to talk with my mom about. Without finally she tells me to go back up, and as I try to get limited, she tells me not to put my pants back on and that she still there to find out if I am very sex.

About ten minutes later Jane appeared again at the top of the stairs. She had trouble crawling down them so she turned and came down backwards, a step at a time. Dennis had the video camera out and focused it on her red backside as she slowly descended. When she got to the bottom she turned to see him pointing the camera at her. Her face was tear-stained and her teeth were chattering loudly. He despised the stuck up snob. Now he was gonna teach the bitch a lesson in humility. Now lift your butt up as far as you can and your head too. I want you to try to lick your own pussy! Stick your tongue out and try to lick it, and moan a lot, too! Her knees were up and she was pulling her thighs back as far as she could.

Dennis was surprised that she got as close to actually licking herself as she did! Her tongue was only about six inches away from her spread pussy as she flicked it out as far as it could go and moaned in frustration. Her inner thighs gleamed wetly with pussy juice and it was obvious how incredibly horny the poor girl was. She trembled as she begged, in between moans, for her brother to allow her to cum. Face it, Janie, I own you now! Frig that pussy of yours. Put some fingers in your cunt and hover right on the edge for me.

Spread open your ass for the camera and tell me you want a big fat cock up your ass! Put a big fat cock up my ass Dennis filmed her pathetic thrashings for about ten minutes then put the camera down and picked up the phone. Your folks still gonna be away till Sunday? Now all he thought about was getting even with her, and getting his rocks off to boot. She had caught him jacking off once with a Hustler magazine in one hand. He thought the house was empty and was lying on top of his bed naked after taking a shower. She yelled at him then laughed her ass off.

The worst part was that she told their parents and actually gave them the magazine! She was always ratting on him or putting him down because she was soooo fucking smart. Dennis told Jane to stop and she lowered her legs down, though her teeth were still chattering. Poor old Duke was gone but his house was still out back. He told her to kneel inside with her ass sticking out the opening. She was to reach back with one hand and frig herself until he came out to get her. With a mixture of fear and hatred in her eyes she glared at him then began crawling out through the kitchen on to the porch. She then crawled out on the cool lawn and headed towards the doghouse.

Dennis nearly busted his gut laughing as he saw her pink ass sticking out of the opening of the doghouse. He saw her small hand appear bewtween her opened thighs and get busy rubbing herself. This was just too much! He made himself a sandwich and a glass of milk and sat on the porch watching her while he ate. After about ten minutes he got up and walked out to the dog house. Not out here in the yard. He clipped the leash onto it and stood up straight, jerking it occasionally and snickering. Climb up on top of the dog house. No, the other way.

Put a leg on each side of the roof and face away from me, so your ass is towards the house. He straightened up then pinched her ass a few times. Now I want you to balance yourself here and at the same time use your right hand to really spank yourself HARD. Lower yourself down a little and just graze your cunt on the peak of the roof. She rubbed it lightly back and forth and began moaning. At the same time she lifted her right hand and brought it down with a sharp slap on her exposed buttock. Also, I want you to bark like a dog, too. I get so upset just thinking about this, and that someone how it was perfectly fine for them to have their privacy, but my was almost laughed at.

The other way my mom would punish me was by spanking me, however she always did this by making me pull down my pants and underwear before proceeding to spank me. I understand that a number of ki