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LOVE SPELL – female sexual energy

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Approach yourself with genuine love and care.

Know that your body is beautiful and that just by being alive, you are sexuual powerful source of magic. As you begin, set this intention: With this, I work to fulfill my highest purpose. Now, say this in your mind or out loud: With my sexual power, I call in [insert what you want]. With all my energy, I call in [insert what you want]. Repeat these words over and over again until right before you orgasm. With all of me, I receive [insert what you want].

This is very potent sex magic ritual can be used to help attract whatever it is you want in your life, but there are some things to keep in mind. Focus on one thing you want to attract and be mindful with your intention. For instance, if you want to attract your soul mate, figure out what that means to you. We have many soul mates. Some soul mates are lovers. Know what you really want to attract and make sure that you are clear about what it is that you want. But ultimately, you want to choose the words that best fit the flow of your sexual energy. Some energy is receptive. Other energy is giving. When receptive energy is dominant, you want to work your sex magic by calling in and receiving what you want.

When giving energy is dominant, you want to call forth and release what you want. But the same person—regardless of sex or gender—may easily work with both of these. For example, I identify as a woman, and while I mainly work sex magic that calls what I desire toward me, I will also use sex magic to release love in the world and give to others. Trust the words that bubble to the surface with any given request. Those are the ones that are right for you in the moment. This is not about a quick release of sexual energy. This is to be expected. Okay, now i shall presume that you have taken appropriate steps medically, socially, and legally, and not merely read through what i wrote above.

Next comes the magical work: The astrological aspects of libido parallel the medical ones. Just as estrogen makes a woman receptive to sex, Venus rules love, and just as testosterone mediates the impulse to initiate sexual contact, so does Mars controls action. What relationship is there between Venus and Mars on your natal chart? How do transits and progressions affect this relationship? If there is NO aspect between the two, how are they each situated with respect to sign, house, dignity, and aspects to other planets? I, for one, would not attempt to prescribe a magical spell dealing with a person's libido until i had done a horoscopic analysis first.

You will sleep charcoal greetings to burn it on. After these people are forced, couples will find it easier to communicate about other activities in their relationship.

I say this from decades of experience: Let me use myself as an example: I have Venus conjunct Mars in Aries in the 11th house, sextile to Uranus which is in the first house conjunct the Ascendent in Gemini. Look at my Sacred Sex web site -- you will find tons of stuff about penis-in-vagina intercourse Venus conjunct Marsfrankly and openly presented Aries in a scientific attempt to help humanity 11th Housedisplaying oblivious disregard to the eccentricity Uranus or the personal appearance conjunct Ascendent of the writer Geminimyself 1st house. Your chart will reveal similar things about your sexuality.

From that chart i would Spell to be sexual construct a magical rite that might emphasize certain favourable aspects of your horoscope or counteract others that were unfavourable. For instance, if your Saturn were conjunct your Venus, i'd suggest that you deal with issues of patriarchal society or your own father in order to free your love-life and allow it to blossom, but if your Mars was Spell to be sexual by your Saturn, i would recommend medical investigation into an overall lack of vitality that might be holding you down. You wanted a spell to increase a female libido.

Sorry -- i am giving you a two hour consultation here, and trying to educate you into an entire system of biological-medical-astrological-magical thought. No time for more of that now. Here's a spell which falls into the large class of rootwork that makes use of bodily fuids for magical purposes: Bring your weight and blood pressure within optimal range. Sew or buy a red dress, preferably loose-fitting and made of soft, luxurious-feeling cloth. A sarong will be sufficient. Have at hand special treat foods which require no cooking e.

You may also have intoxicants to hand, in moderate amount. Pick and dry or buy a handful of red and pink rose petals and acquire two roots -- a John the Conqueror Root male, testosterone, Marsand a Queen Elizabeth Root female, estrogen, Venus. Buy or make a large red candle -- it can be a female image candle or a plain one; it should be capable of burning for at least 6 hours. If you like to use incense, acquire Dragon's Blood Resin, which you may mix with other resin incenses such as Copal Oro or Fr